RECOMMENDED: Minnis2Society’s Weekly Radar – 17Aug18

This will be a weekly feature to share what has been causing excitement within the Minnis2society’s team! This week sees a lot of facial hair!

Marc Maron’s WTF Podcasts – iTunes

We loved Mark in Glow and have been delving to find more and his WTF Podcasts are fantastic (we espcially enjoyed the one with Jennifer Lawrence)! He is funny, insightful and honest which make his podcasts for a fascinating listen!

Dark Tourist – Netflix

We absolutely loved this show and look out for a more in depth review in the next couple of days!

Ant Man and the Wasp – Cinema

After the heavy weight of Avengers:Infinity Wars this was a well deserved bit of light relief. Fun, silly, and with great action sequences it is worth a watch as the weather has got shit outside and we are all pining for what happens next in the MCU!

Luttrell’s Intergalatic Plastic Playlist – Spotify

The fantastically moustached Anjunadeep artist put together an amazing 5hr compilation back in March which we have only just discovered! For the Anjunadeep fans this is a great playlist and for anyone else looking to try it out – do it!

Idles – Music

And when we haven’t been blissed out to some deep house music or sat on the sofa watching TV then we have been agressively nodding our heads and shouting along to Idles whose second album ‘Joy As An Act of Resistance’ is released at the end of the month. Check them out if you love some topical British Punk Rock!

What have you guys been loving this week?

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