RECOMMENDED: Minnis2Society’s Weekly Radar – 24Aug18

Lets see what has been on Minnis2Society’s radar this week!

Murder He Wrote – Music

Take a listen to the beautiful ‘Air’ by Murder He Wrote and featuring Maddie Ellerby – perfect to get you in the mood for Carnival weeekend. We caught this track on Tom Ravenscroft’s show with BBC Radio 6 and are absolutely hooked! Check out his work on record label Rhythm Athletic – we are expecting big things!

Death Cab for Cutie – Music

How do they keep coming up with the goods? The masters of great opening album tracks are back with an album that is much the same as their previous album but as likeable and lovely as ever to see us out of this miserable end to Summer.

Death Cab for Cutie

Sharp Objects – TV Series – NOWTV/Sky Atlantic

Acting by Amy Adams, writing by Gillian Flynn, and directed by the same person behind last years Big Little Lies – throw in a ridiculously good soundtrack and complete it with a bloody dark and a deeply upsetting story – we have been totally hooked! Despite it making our skin crawl and our minds bend we are going to be sad to see the back of this 8 episode drama from HBO.

Blockers – Movie

With all the seriousness of Sharp Objects we had to give ourselves a bit of comic relief and Blockers did exactly that. There are times when we all need to switch off from some of the amazing (yet very heavy) TV shows or movies that are out there.  So thats exactly what we did with Blockers and it didn’t disappoint! It was funny and bizarrely sweet – except for John Cena’s butt chug moment! Leave your brain on airplane mode and enjoy the silliness as three parents attempt to cock block their daughters (you read that right) from taking part in a sex pact.

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