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My first taste of music from Anjunadeep’s popular British record label was a track by Ben Böhmer called ‘Flug & Fail’, which featured on a Release Radar Spotify playlist. I had no idea at the time that I was about to slip into an addiction of the musical variety.

I am one of those people who absorbs all sorts of genres of music but recently I was really longing for something different to change things up. That happened when I came across the ‘Anjunadeep Recommends’ Facebook page where I was introduced to the expansive world of the Anjunadeep family.

I felt like I was a child again, when a new interest quickly turns into an obsession (back then it could have been anything from Batman, Action Force, Roadhouse, or Jet from Gladiators). I began to dig deeper for more tracks, podcasts, and remixes.

Until recently, the ‘Anjunadeep Recommends’ Facebook page was a closed group but has now become public so others can dive in and share their favourite tracks. It is incredible how much there is out there and it grows daily as the members post a fresh and exciting new track to discover (note to self: turn off notifications as they are regular!)

I started with the impressive amount of Spotify playlists, which have amassed over the years, and worked my way through these on my commute to work. The playlists are sometimes curated by Spotify and sometimes by the artists themselves, a mix of their own music and whatever they are listening to or being influenced by.

Switching away from some aggressive rock and listening to Anjunadeep’s offerings certainly made the commute a more relaxed experience. The music is mainly a blend of deep house or ‘trance edged’ house which will leave you feeling either blissed out, pumped up, or focused (I find it incredibly helpful to study or work to).

As I began to run low on these playlists I was delighted to discover their podcasts, which deliver sets from a host of their talented artists, and Soundcloud which again gave me even more set lists and tracks to enjoy.


The DJs and musicians all seem like lovely folks and it is fun following them on Instagram as they deliver spellbinding sets all over the world. People like Ben Böhmer, David Hohme, and Eli & Fur – though I wonder whether perhaps this obsession has gone too far as I sit up at night watching their Insta-stories.

What about the label though? Well the label was started back in 2000 by James Grant and Paavo Siljamäki – it was predominantly trance back then and was even named after a beach near Goa called Anjuna. It then joined forces with the label Above and Beyond, and the rest is history!

Anjunadeep have been doing open-air sets around the world, the most recent one in London just last week. Unfortunately I was not available to go to this event, which opened during the day and went through to the early hours, allowing their fans to be in bed by a reasonable hour (important to us older fans who can’t stay up all night anymore!) Their next show will be an indoor event at Printworks in December and I am delighted to say I am finally able to make this one (link below on how to get tickets).

So if you like to discover a new world of dance music may I definitely recommend looking into this fantastic record label and all the incredible musicians that they are blessed with.

Go out there and hunt – here is a few links to help you on your way (feel free to share back any too)!

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