FEATURE: Favourite Horror Movies

It’s been three years since we last shared our list of favourite horror movies so we decided it was about time for a new update! So here are our top ten horrors (in no particular order) that we’ve enjoyed since the last post – there are some truly weird ones but they’re all wonderful! Enjoy…

Green Room

Straight in with a movie some might not describe as a horror but in our opinion it certainly fits the genre nicely. Intense, gory, stressful – check. This is Jeremy Saulnier’s second feature, (after his brillaint debut ‘Blue Ruin’), and although the premise is simple, it will make your heart race so much that you almost have to gasp for air by the end. The late Anton Yelchin leads as part of punk rock band who get caught in the middle of a murder scene at a neo-Nazi bar. It is hard not to spoil too much so we will keep tight lipped here – but be prepared for some insane violence, punk rock, and an awesome performance by Imogen Poots.

The Invitation

This movie is slowly becoming a word of mouth cult classic in the making and rightly so! Much like Green Room the premise is pretty straight forward – a man and his girlfriend visit his ex-wife for a dinner party and slowly the tension and suspicion grows, before shit starts to go down. Many say go into this movie blind, and we totally agree, the less you know the better – it will twist and turn and spit you out only to make you go back and watch it all over again. We can’t wait to see what is coming next from director Karyn Kusama!

Personal Shopper

This movie had divided opinions within the team – one side was besotted with this and the other was a little bit unsatisfied. It is one of those movies – but the one thing we did love about it was the amount of conversation it generated afterwards. It was creepy, slow, and Kirsten Stewart (who is really impressive in this) keeps you glued to the screen as she begins to think that her dead brother is contacting her from beyond the grave. The movie is slow, visual, and art house (to a degree) but it sticks with you long after the credits.

The Killing Of A Sacred Deer

Yorgos Lanthimos is a very talented director and this third movie is just as impressive as his last, The Lobster. This is a psychological mystery thriller with a dose of weird black comedy. What makes it feel like a horror is its sense of dread that builds and builds until eventually it all kicks off in a way only Lanthimos can create.


If you prefer something a little more gross-out and plain weird then RAW is a brilliant option. Voted as Mark Kermode’s movie of 2016 this French number follows a student who enrols for her first year at vetinary school and develops a taste for…. meat, despite being a vegetarian. Again this isn’t an outright blood bath but almost a more human story but anyone who can stomach watching lead actress Garance Marillier, who is superb, eating raw chicken is certainly in for a treat.

The Autopsy of Jane doe

A movie with Emile Hirsch and Brian Cox back on form is never one to pass up on. This small indie horror is great fun – short and sweet with a great build up. The cast and their characters, which the movie practically centres on for its entirety, kept it captivating as they create some great jump scares.

The Witch

One of us is terrified of witches so watching this was always going to be comical…That same person is also afraid of goats…not a great combination if you’re watching this one! Another slow burner but as it builds, the tension almost explodes. It is very art house in places and at times you might find yourself nodding off only for a split second though because guaranteed something will suddenly happen that will keep you up all night. The hype for this movie is very much justified and the performance from Anya Taylor-Joy is spellbinding.

The Greasy Strangler

Is it a horror? Is it just an f’ed up Napoleon Dynamite? Or just plain weird? We feel it is a mixture of all of those – it will stick with you a long time and you will ask yourself many questions over why you watched and what really went on. How do we even explain the story? Well father and son team Ronnie and Brayden start to compete over the arrival of a sexy lady in their life which also coincides with some greasy murders. This movie is off the wall, funny, and batshit crazy. Our best advice is not to watch it while eating! We’d love to hear your thoughts on this one.

Sightseers / Prevenge

We have loved Alice Lowe ever since we first saw her in ‘Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace’. ‘Sightseers’ was a movie we kept meaning to catch and only recently got to see it. It certainly lived up to our expectations, the dark humour mixing in with that sense of dread and wonder as to where the narrative is taking us. In a way the same goes for ‘Prevenge’ where Lowe is on top form as very angry and pregnant Ruth – a woman who believes her unborn child is encouraging her to go on a psychotic killing rampage. Beneath its comedic surface lies not only the dark horror side but also a very sad and moving story. The fact Lowe wrote, directed, and acted in the movie whilst she was eight months pregnant shows what a talent she really is!

What have you been loving? Let us know any of your recommendations and we’ll try and check them out!

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