As we approach the end of the month (and recover from the end of Sharp Things) let’s see what has been making us tick this week!

Olafur Arnalds – Re:member – Music

The incredibly talented Olafur Arnalds is back with an absolutely stunning album which sees this talented composer create more beautiful compositions but also dabble with his electronica alter ego (check Kiasmos out)! This is a strong contender for album of the year for us as we can’t stop listening and falling into a catatonic state of relaxation. Check out his video for first single of the album (and title track) Re:Member and if that isn’t awesome enough you can also follow this link to make your own version of his album cover – (example below)!

Thoroughbreds – Movie

We are still trying to compute this one in our heads on whether we liked this or not. Firstly the tagline – “Heathers meets American Psycho” should be binned so get rid of that thought because though we could see the point the quote is trying make it builds a mindset of the movie that is totally wrong. The two leads are absolutely fantastic and it was so sad to see the late Anton Yelchin whose appeareance in this was his last. As for the film? Quiet, dark, black comedy and one that moves at a glacial pace – but we feel this might become a cult classic after multiple watches.

Stan’s Bike Shack (Partridge Green, UK) – Cafe

And away from rich kids planning murder we stumbled across this funky little shack down in the dark depths of West Sussex (United Kingdom) when we went out for a hike along the Downs Link (a cycling/walking path). Inside we were particularly taken by a huge framed picture of tickets from gigs the owners had attented and oh boy have they seen some awesome bands! Stop by for a peek or a coffee or anything yummy that they offer there!

Isle of Dogs – Movie

Wes Anderson, animation, dogs and probably one of the best voiceover casts ever assembled- you can’t really go wrong and for the best part it rarely did. Perhaps the third act was a bit much and strung out but we still loved this! If you are into you animation movies you’m be impressedd with the animation which is so beautifully put together!