RECOMMENDED: Minnis2Society’s Weekly Radar – 07Sep18

Somehow this didn’t seem to post last week so here it is live & kicking for now instead Here is what has tickled our fancy last week!

The Little Hours – Movie – NowTV/Sky

Well once again we are left scratching our heads but this time in a much more comical sense of: “wtf have we just watched?!” Audrey Plaza and Alison Brie as nuns? Nick Offerman with the dodgeist hair cut… ever!! And John C Reilly as a pissed up priest. The Little Hours feels like some extended Saturday Night Live sketch with a bit of adult rated sauce and weirdness. Some say it will be a cult classic – if you can handle multiple views!

Ozark Season 2 – TV Series – Netflix

We have been trying to make up lots of alternative names based around Jason Bateman for this show- our best is Breaking Bluth in a nod towards one of our favourite TV Shows Arrested Development and Breaking Bad. To see the great Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman) get dark and dirty again is an absolute treat. Season 1 of this show was fantastic and what we have seen so far of Season 2 it is back to business! If only there was money in the banana stand!

Idles – Joy As An Act of Resistance – Music

I have been left alone on this one to blast out in the car and swear at Range Rovers cheering ‘G-R-E-A-T’ in a shouty, lairy, middle aged man trying to be rebel voice. I have worked hard to get into Idles, some bands ask that of you, and I am finally getting it. Lyrically this album is punchy and poingant as the music scene declares – there is a lot to decipher in its aggression, seriousness and at times humour. I am down with the cool kids on this one!

Great British Bake Off – TV – Ch4

One of us enjoys this show the other thinks Paul Hollywood is the antichrist so its best we don’t go into one here BUT what you should do is check out @SwearyBerry_

on Twitter if you like a comical punditry to the show.

Halloween – Movie – Trailer

We are getting serious chills and thrills from this final trailer for David Gordon Green’s ‘Halloween’ follow up. Could this finally be the Halloween movie we have all been waiting for?

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