INTERVIEW: Fantasy Rugby Geek

This week we up our game with two features – first up is with George Hawes from the UK who is also known as the Fantasy Rugby Geek – a very close friend of mine but even I was amazed when he revealed his secret side project….

Who are you?

I’m Fantasy Rugby Geek. I run a blog that helps Fantasy Rugby players gain an edge on their Fantasy Rugby-playing mates through lots of geeky statistical analysis. 🤓

I started it last year having seen that while there were hundreds of fantasy football advice blogs, there was nothing for rugby. So I set out to fix this.

What do you do?

At heart, I’m just a massive sports fan. Not just Rugby but Football, NFL, Athletics, Tennis, you name it. I’m lucky enough to have made a career in the technology side of sports content. However as my career has progressed it’s taken me more into the business side and away from the editorial side that got me into the business to start with. I created as a passion project to reconnect with my love for creating sports content (as well to brush up on some web technologies, analytics and digital marketing methods).

What are you currently enjoying?

Music wise, I’m loving the new Tash Sultana and Maribou State albums. When writing my blog I love listening to soul based instrumental stuff like The Menahan Street Band and BadBadNotGood, as well as the ChilledCow YouTube channel; that chilled instrumental sound seems to hit my creative muscle nicely. As my Spotify alter-ego, Porkchop Sarnies, I have been slowly working on a labour of love, an anthology of chill classics stretching back to the 60s, with each year’s chill classics being released each month. I’ve loved reconnecting with some classic chilled tunes and the latest playlist I released in August, made me realise what an amazing year for music 2006 was.

Podcasts; I listen without fail to Tim Ferriss, Michael Rapaport, Joe Rogan, Bill Simmons, Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn and the Eggchasers Rugby Podcast.

Books; I’ve recently read the War Of Art by Steven Pressfield, The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck by Mark Manson and the latest GaryVee one. All brilliant and highly recommended.

Whats coming up next for you?

It’s a new season of Rugby in the UK, so this is a really busy period of previewing the weeks ahead as well as building my core following ahead of Round 1 (when interest is highest in Fantasy Rugby). I’m proud to say that my audience growth has been completely organic since it went live last year and this pre-season has been great in attracting new users and connecting with fellow Rugby bloggers. I’ve also recently self-published my first eBook, the Fantasy Rugby Geek guide to Fantasy Rugby. This has opened my eyes and I have been firmly bitten by the book-writing bug, so in the next 12 months I’m looking to spread out my writing into different subject areas. Watch this space…

Today’s best advice?

If you want to achieve something and people say you can’t do it, then fuck them. Back yourself and work your ass off to achieve your goal. “God-given” talent in my opinion is overrated; it’s amazing what can be achieved, regardless of someone’s innate abilities, if someone has laser focus and is willing to work really fucking hard. And if you do do it and fail? Then honestly, what is the truly worst thing that can happen? Your ego may be bruised but you’ll come back stronger and wiser to take on the next challenge. The greatest enemy to creativity is the people holding you back with their preconceived notions and opinions. Trust yourself, don’t be afraid to fail and ignore the people who say you can’t do it.

You can find more on the Fantasy Rugby Geek and all his big stats right here:

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