RECOMMENDED: Minnis2Society’s Weekly Radar – 14Sep18

We slipped up last week so you are getting a double helping of our weekly radar as we have some awesome stuff to share with you!

I Love It – Kanye West & Lil Pump – Music

Once this tune gets in your head it is game over – it will sit there and stay there and that is not such a bad thing in our opinion. The music video has had over 70 Million viewers watching a mini Kanye and Lil’Pump in peculiar shaped clothing looking all innocent as they say naughty words (not a track to play to your gran or have as a first dance at a wedding)! Have a listen for yourselves and enjoy – it is definitely a step back in the right direction again for Kanye… well, we love it (sorry that was too easy)!

Kanye West & Lil Pump ft. Adele Givens – “I Love It” (Official Music Video)

The Deuce – Season 2 – Sky Atlantic/NowTV

We haven’t even seen the first episode of this yet but we can’t wait to return to the seedy world producers Pelacanos and Cross have waiting for us (as if Sharp Objects and Ozark wasn’t dark enough)! Much like their previous work on The Wire, the first season of The Deuce dipped us in and out of various storylines as and when they felt fit – it was a very immersive experience into the shady side of the 70s that will now next take us to the early 80s in the new season and who knows what that might entail!

Maribou State – Kingdom of Colour – Music

It has been three years since Maribou State’s last album (Portraits), so their return has been highly anticipated in Minnis2Society HQ. Since it’s arrival we have been playing it on repeat allowing the album to grow and grow – so don’t be put off by your first listen as this album completly catches you by surprise in its further plays. Their three singles are notably the powerhouse tracks on the album but they are so wonderfully crafted into the track listing order and therefore mix perfectly in with the other tracks – its only been a week of daily listening but we’re putting this high on the list of possible albums of the year. The wait has been worth it and we can’t wait to see them perform at Conchord 2 in Brighton next month!

Nervous Tics – Maribou State feat. Holly Walker

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