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Shat The Movie – Podcast

We are not entirely sure how we discovered this podcast but it has been an absolute treat! The first episode we discovered was on Labrinyth, a childhood favourite movie of ours, and by the end of the 1hr 20mins we were certainly keen to know what other movies these guys shit on. It is a hiliarious and fair ribbing of movies from the 80s and 90s but with the hosts being insightful (we just managed to catch one movie getting torn to shreds)! We genuinely can’t wait to hear further podcasts from these guys – if you are a movie buff then go listen (maybe not if you a Blade Runner fan though) these guys are bloody brilliant!

UPDATE: Since last prepping this we have listened to a further 5 podcasts and we bloody love these guys!!! Go listen!



Killing Eve – TV Series – BBC iPlayer

There has been a lot if hype over this and finally its been released on iPlayer in the UK for us to make our own judgement. First of all Kim Bodnia is in it (Martin Rhode from The Bridge) so immediately thats a massive win! Jody Comer (from BBC series Thirteen and Doctor Foster) is on form as the ice cold hit lady who crosses paths with Sandra Oh’s (Greys Anatomy) Security Operative Eve leading to a darkly comic psycho thriller. We ended up binging this in a week and bloody loved it!

Apostle – Movie Trailer – Netflix

This trailer dropped out of nowhere and caught us completely by surprise – which we always like! Gareth Evans is back after his hard hitting martial ‘mafia’ art series The Raid (1 and 2) and this time he seems to have gone down the horror route. For anyone who bothered to watch V/H/S 2 (if you haven’t you really should) you might remember that a segment was directed by Gareth Evans and it was bat shit crazy and one of the best reasons to trace down the movie just to see his contribution! All we have got from this trailer are some serious Wicker Man vibes…. we are onboard Gareth! Check out the trailer below:

The Apostle Movie Trailer


Aphex Twin – Collaspe EP – Music

There are moments listening to Aphex Twin’s new EP where we felt stuck in a 80s video game dosed up on ketamine and stuck on repeat as a barrage of beats are literally thrown at us from all directions leaving us cowering behind a speaker that is trying to suck us into a black hole. These are standard emotions for Aphex Twin’s music- like feeling like you should only listen to his work in a pitch black room with a strobe light on. Suffice to say that it is business as usual here!

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