From now on, our Weekly Radar feature will be posted on a Monday! That way we can check out the new releases on a Friday, or binge watch a TV series in the week, and still have enough time to report back. Sooo…here is what we have been loving this past week…

Border – Movie Trailer

This new trailer for Swedish movie Border (Gräns) looks bizarre, magical, and intriguing. We love anything Scandinavian so we can’t wait to give this one a watch! Heres the trailer (anyone getting any mythical troll vibes here?!):

Chemical Brothers – Music

The last time we saw the Chemical Brothers one of us was found dancing on a bench at Glastonbury’s Other Stage, with a glowing umbrella complete with discoball, having a whale of a time. Has it really been three years since their last release? After all that time it was an absolute bloody joy to see a new release from the brothers chemical. Is there an album coming soon? Watch this space!

Oddballs – Fashion

Strange things were afoot last weekend at Minnis2Society’s HQ when some visitors decided to show us their Oddballs… yes you have read that right! Oddballs is in fact a clothing brand raising awareness for testicular cancer. Check out their website (link below) for some funky coloured pants or speedos to brighten up your day ( or living room)!


Maniac – TV Series – Netflix

We will write more on this one in a separate feature but we have been totally in love with this show from the moment it started. It is quirky, moving, and beautiful to watch (and also beautiful to listen to due to Dan Romer’s stunning soundtrack). Is this the series of the year? The competition is bloody ridiculous in 2018 and we haven’t even managed to see EVERYTHING yet!

The Purge – TV Series – Amazon Prime

One TV Show that will not be our series of the year was this one. It’s never a good sign when you are 10 minutes into a show and you start checking how long there is left, not because you don’t want it to end (like an epic Games of Thrones episode) but because you want it over so quickly. We tried really hard but probably the arrival of William Baldwin at the halfway mark was the tipping point – we had to tap out – sorry Purge series but this is one step too far. BUT if you do want a laugh then check out the parental guide on IMDB for this show – this was more entertaining than the 40 minutes we endured and there were only three words used.