INTERVIEW: Book of Mum

This week we get to speak to a close friend and one very busy lady – Book of Mum is our special guest today!

Who are you?

Kelly Ford aka Book of Mum , Funny Lady, plus sized model with UGLY –  Radio Presenter on Soho Radio and Mother to a 2 year old small person.

What do you do?

What don’t i do? I fill my life full of things that I love do mostly. Sometimes, I have to do the washing as in every day which I don’t particularly love. The house often resembles Widow Twankeys Washers Room. Someone has got to do it guys ok?! and that someone is often me.  But generally I am doing the things that make me happy and fulfilled. That is performing, presenting and making amazing people laugh. The Holy Trinity. The odd bit of Production Managing and Producing to keep the cashmoney flowing too is added to the mix.. How does she do it all? To this day, I am not sure. Recently I collaborated  with Soho Radio and MAC Cosmetics presenting a Facebook make up tutorial Live for Gay Pride from their flagship Carnaby Street store – that felt pretty special See It Here !!

What are you currently enjoying?

Working from home. The luxury of writing this piece for you in my pants is next level. I also of late really have been enjoying working in a co-work space recently called Cuckooz Nest in Clerkenwell. To be able to know your child is being looked after in an amazing creche by an expert team  upstairs whilst you beaver downstairs is something kinda wonderful. Book wise, Self-Care for the Real World: Practical Self-care Advice for Everyday Life by Nadia and Katia Narain is beyond amazing – I think everyone should read it. Nadia taught me Pregnancy Yoga at Triyoga space Camden – who knew you could listen to Aretha during yoga and it would be allowed? Podcasts I love: Adam Buxton, The Guilty Feminist, The Hotbed Collective (I was a guest on recent series), Scummy Mummy’s, No Country for Young Women, The High-Low, Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4, Desert Island Discs….Serial #3 is coming out soon and I CANNOT BLOOMING WAIT. Telly wise: I have been loving Seth Lets Flats on 40D – Comedy Genius, The Luke McQueen Pilots, Celebrity Juice makes me happy and I also love anything that BBC3 puts out. Louis Theroux has made a film about docos that have inspired him and his work, so I have been working through those, epic, moving and incredible. I love my Daddy on Twitter @antiquegent. Film Wise : Perks of being a Wallflower, The Hunt, Moana, Three Billboards, The shape of Water. I am also loving how Instagram is giving a voice to many subjects that haven’t been heard be it about Body Positivity, Self Care, discussions on Race, Pension planning, depression to name but a few. Too many accounts to mention, but i think those little squares are making positive change in opening important discussions.

Whats coming up next for you?

I am working on a documentary podcast series with blogger and incredible woman Nat from  Style Me Sunday it is called The Everything Project, shining lights into worlds unknown. We have been squirrelling episodes away and we can’t wait to air them with you in the Autumn. I am performing all over London in the coming months – keep an eye on Website and Instagram for updates. My bi-weekly radio show Sex, Lives and Videotapes goes out live on Soho Radio’s Culture Channel every other Wednesday 9-10am. I have some exciting collaborations in the pipeline that I can’t talk about but keep it locked….

Todays best advice?

Don’t be a dick!

Wise words and very exciting times ahead for Kelly! If you want to keep up to date on all of her antics hit the links in the interview or you can follow below!

Insta: Book Of Mum

Twitter: @kellymaxineford

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