Another weekend is over! Here is what has tickled (or not tickled) our fancy this past week!

MUSIC: Cat Power – Wanderer (Album)

Cat Power is back with another beautiful album to pass out to with a hot mug of herbal tea and watch the rain batter your windows. Chan Marshall’s vocals always brings a relaxed and warm feel – they soothe even with the dark lyrics that come with it!

TRAVEL: The Wisp – Accommodation (AirBnB)

We have enjoyed a very relaxing weekend staying in this gorgeous accommodation nestled in the West Sussex countryside. ‘The Wisp’ is an old converted barn, minimalistic with cozy bean bags to pass out in after a walk (or visit to the Fountain Inn pub – an old haunt of Laurence Oliviers). If you need to switch off, have time out, and get back to nature this place is simply wonderful!

Book a visit HERE

MOVIE: The Square – Ruben Östlund

Östlund’s follow up to the brilliant Force Majure is another jarring, uncomfortably comic and bizarre piece of cinema. A winner at Palm D’Or and nominated for an oscar earlier in the year it is certainly a movie that will piss most people off but if you are patient with an open mind this is a genius satirical piece on people’s complete shallow mindedness in our modern society. We absolutely loved this, as we did Force Majure, and it is worth noting how good Claes Bang is – he puts in a superb performance! Also look out for one of the most uncomfortable (and hiliarious) scenes involving a man at a posh dinner party pretending to be a gorilla. You will never be the same.

Watch on Netflix HERE

TV SERIES: Bodyguard

“The most watched BBC Drama since 2008” – well with a tagline like that it must be good, right? So we decided to find out, although it was hard to escape almost every plotline being spoiled on Twitter, the front page of papers, or even in the workplace. Now we might be alone on this but we really weren’t impressed – unbelievable plotline, idiot characters, and once the intense action sequences (which were admittedly excellent and engaging due to also an intense musical score) we really didn’t care for anyone in this show. It is never a good sign when a TV episode ends on a huge cliffhanger and you just can’t be bothered to carry on – thats how we felt about this. The reason it was the most watched show was because it happened to be the most talked about, a bit like Love Island – and that was shit too. Do yourselves a favour and watch Killing Eve on the BBC instead , it may not be the most watched drama since 2008 but it is certainly their best! Judge for yourself or let us know your thoughts!

Bodyguard, Series 1: Episode 1: via @bbciplayer

MOVIE: Malevolent – Olaf Johannesson

With Halloween creeping up we thought we would try and spook ourselves out with this new Netflix Original movie. Whilst it was nothing new it did have some nice little twists in it and a fantastic performance from rising star Florence Pugh. If you get spooked easily and like a bit of gore, then turn off the lights, crank up the volume and give it a watch.

Watch on Netflix HERE