FEATURE: Minnis2Society’s Weekly Radar – 09Nov18

We are back bringing out our Weekly Radar to you after a little bit of time out. So without further ado lets share with you what we have been watching, listening and loving!


Okay, we know, this is a couple of years old now but it just so happened that we stumbled upon it because of the release of the US version. Written and starring the excellent Julia Davis (Nighty Night) this is a show that absorbed us for the week where we howled with laughter, were made to cringe to the edge of our sofa, and after the final episode we had horrendous nightmares. The premise is simple – friends all go for a camping break together but their personal demons are all beginning to surface with explosive consequences. The outcome is hilarious, dirty, and (even by our standards) random as hell – though we would expect no less from Davis’ warped and creative mind. Throw in one of the creepiest characters in TV history with David Bamber’s Noel and you are in for a ride – certainly for fans of Nighty Night (imagine this as a next level of madness) and we are delighted to see some more work from Davis has just been released with Sally4eva!



The Deuce Season 2 finally came to a close this week and once again it delivered pure perfection from the writers and cast (as it ended in typical ‘The Wire’ fashion)! Where Season One spent a lot of time setting up the characters and gave us the lay of the land, Season Two picked up several years later, allowing them to expand more on these character’s story arcs. Every episode entertained us as we gradually glimpsed more into the characters lives. Rudy and Tommy’s mafia muscle causes all-sorts of dilemmas for some as well as solutions for others of the cast. Maggie Gyllenhal’s character (Eileen/Candy) has a fantastic story line that really is the core of this season. For us, our two standout characters came from The Wire’s very own with Lawrence Gillard Jr’s good cop still trying to battle the city from all sides and then the bumbling massage parlour owner Bobby (played to perfection by Chris Bauer) who seems to create chaos at the drop of a hat. Franco is also fantastic as the lead, playing his two characters Frankie and Vincent Martino – mixing humour with depth to their characters in some seriously heavy moments throughout the show.


CINEMA: Widows

The Oscar nod’s are going wild for this one, and rightly so. Despite a talented ensemble cast, it is most notably Viola Davis and Elizabeth Debicki who really impressed. If we were honest we wanted to love this film more but felt a little hollow afterwards – there are moments of brilliance (starting from a fantastic opening sequence and Daniel Kaluuya stealing the show as a really nasty villain!) but perhaps the hype lifted me too high? Steve McQueen and Gillian Flynn working together was a mouth-watering prospect and though the script was sharp and direction on point I felt there was something missing. The film covers all types of issues, most notably a poignant piece in terms of female empowerment mixed in with racial politics – it is a lot to take on. I just felt in a state of limbo with this movie and I wondered whether I just felt it wasn’t one for the cinema (it was translated from an old Lynda La Plante’s TV series based in London after all). Am I alone on this one? I liked it but I deeply wanted and felt like I should have liked it more!

PODCAST: Shat The Movie

We mentioned these guys awhile back but we are still infatuated with their podcast series which revisits classic 80s and 90s movies and rates them. It always feels like you are sitting with a group of mates and having fun – discussing the one thing you love – movies (and lots of random tangents)! Their recent horror special featured some great reviews on Halloween and Friday the 13th and the latest one on Under Siege had us in stitches. If you haven’t already then please do go have a listen and support these guys, it’s a good way to start and finish the day, and always brings back fond memories of the movies you might have caught as an 80’s kid. Great fun, favourite find of the year!

Website: Shat The Movies

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