This week we speak to Stu Silverman (centre above) – a man on a mission with his current work ‘The Devil Makes Three’, a horror movie anthology which sounds very interesting. Let’s find out some more…

Who are you?

I’m Stu Silverman, a filmmaker, horror aficionado, and cookie enthusiast.

What do you do?

I’m a director and editor. I’m currently in the midst of a horror anthology film that I directed and co-wrote called “The Devil Makes Three”. It’s three stories, each in a separate horror sub-genre. There’s a tense psychological thriller where a mysterious hole in the wall leads to the unraveling of a troubled young woman… A slasher film in the form of a white-knuckle rollercoaster ride to hell, where two motorists are terrorized by a strange woman on a desolate stretch of country road… And finally, an occult mystery/folk horror hybrid, where a journalist accompanies her fiancé to meet her future in- laws but discovers that their strange customs hide a deeper malevolence.

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What are you currently enjoying?

I LOVE the horror renaissance we’re smack in the middle of. It’s obviously a great time of year for horror and it was great fun seeing the recent incarnations of Halloween and Suspiria in the theaters. Horror films seem to be getting better all the time and are finally gaining the mainstream acceptance they deserves!

Whats coming up next for you?

Aside from a handful of Nine Inch Nails club dates in December, I’m all in on “The Devil Makes Three”! Speaking of

Today’s best advice?

Follow your dreams — it’s never too late! Your happiness is worth more than a paycheck!


We here at Minnis2Society love a good old horror movie and can’t wait to see the finished product – we wish the best of luck to Stu and his project!

You can find out more on the following links below:

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Twitter: Stu Silverman @SSSinema