INTERVIEW: Tundra Love

Hello! And who are you?

We’re a Brighton-based 4-piece alternative rock band called Tundra Love. The band consists of Callum McMurchie(vocals, guitar), Nick Bowley (guitar), Giles Crisp (Bass) and Tim Spencer (Drums). 

What do you do?

We play a modern take on 90s desert rock with lots of fuzz, heavy riffs and some subtle dynamics. We aim for our songs to take you on a journey of ups and downs as opposed to just blasting out 5 minutes of heaviness. Maybe that’s why most of our songs are about 6-7 minutes long, because we’re trying to take people on a journey which can’t be done in a standard 3 minutes. 


What are you currently enjoying?

Writing new songs / working on new songs for our EP we’ll be releasing in summer which are also slowly replacing some of the older songs in our live shows. If you’ve been to any of our gigs over the last 6 months you’ll notice that we’ve brought in a few new certified bangers to replace some of our old material.

Whats coming up next for you?

We’re going to be recording 2 singles up in Hermitage Works Studios soon which we’ll be releasing onto Spotify and other music streaming platforms in February. After that its play more UK gigs outside of Brighton and London then aiming to record an EP this summer!

Today’s best advice?

Try to be bold with your sound and create something that not everyone else is doing (we know this is a lot easier said than done). Also try and put out content as much as possible on Social Media and SoundCloud etc. This not only gives fans a better insight into what you’re doing and keeps people regularly updated but is a great way for you to document your own journey as a band. 

Great wise words from Tundra Love there – we shall certainly be looking out for their future releases and updates. You can too by following the links below and supporting them:

Instagram: tundralovemusic

Soundcloud: Tundralove

Facebook: TundraLoveMusic

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