INTERVIEW: Jim’ll Paint It

We have been very honoured to chat to Jim’ll Paint It – someone who we only discovered last month (sorry Jim) but definetly one of our favourite finds of the year!

Who are you?

My name is Jim and I’m a human male from Bristol, England.

What do you do?

I paint pictures for complete strangers using Microsoft Paint and a mouse. I have a wee following on social media and every day people send me requests and I paint the best ones for free, supporting myself by selling prints and T-shirts and doing the occasional bit of corporate work.

What are you currently enjoying?

This Halloween I did a 10 movie horror marathon (a film from each decade from the last 100 years) and since then I’ve been on a massive vintage horror bender filling in the gaps in my knowledge. My favourite recent discoveries includeDaughters of Darkness from 1971 and Nigel Kneale’s The Stone Tape from 1972. Also, more recently, the Scottish Netflix thriller Calibre is a nail-biting gem.

What’s coming up for you next?

I’m working on my second book, Of Mouse and Man which will compile my best paintings along with new stuff, works in progress etc in a lovely plush coffee table format. It’s currently being crowdfunded by Unbound.

Today’s best advice?

Do something nice for someone and resist the urge to tell anyone else about it.

We are certainly excited about Of Mouse & Man and have already pledged our bit to see this piece of magic happen! You can find out more on Jim from the following links:

Twitter – @jimllpaintit
Instagram – @jimllpainit

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