INTERVIEW: Bess Atwell

We have been very lucky to catch up with an exciting new talent who has popped onto our radar this year thanks to Steve Lamacq…

Who are you?

My name is Bess Atwell and I’m a singer, songwriter from Brighton in the UK.

What do you do?

Write, record, and perform folk pop-rock music with my wonderful band.

What are you currently enjoying?

Music wise, I’ve recently discovered a band from the 80s called The Blue Nile. Their record ‘Hats’ is heart wrenching! Also enjoying the Soccer Mommy and Lucy Dacus records.

TV-wise, I’ve been enjoying The a Good Place, The Handmaid’s Tale, and obviously Peep Show is always on repeat.

What’s coming next for you?

We have a new single out in January, a headline show at St Pancras Old Church on the 15th February. Then an EP out in Spring!

Today’s best advice?

I recently watched an interview with Sheryl Crow where she said the best advice she ever got was “to hold an emotion”. I was given this very advice by someone at the start of the year and it is slowly setting me free. It grants us permission to feel everything. I mention the interview with Sheryl because she summarised it so beautifully by saying “the only way out is through”.

Another piece of advice that really resonated with me recently is from an interview with Mitski. She was asked how she finds balance between devotion to work and dependence on it and she just said: “Just learning to say no to opportunities when everyone’s telling you this is your only chance, because I realised everyone says everything is your only chance”.

We can’t wait to hear and see more of Bess next month. To find out more, you can follow her at the links below and don’t forget to check out her new single ‘Grace’ which is out now!

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