We only kicked this blog back into life back in August so we won’t be going all guns blazing on our list but we certainly wanted to highlight some of favourite discoveries from the year and share with you!

MUSIC: The Year of the Ladies

Some of the music that have dominated our HQ have been predominantly female solo artist lead pieces of work and oh boy have there been some absolutely brilliant debuts (and returns) ! So to name a few of our favourites of whom we have been loving in 2018 – Snail Mail, Phoebe Bridgers, Soccer Mommy, Amber Arcades and Cat Power who have all delivered absolutely superb albums this years. On that topic there has been exciting new music from the wonderful Bess Attwell, Little Simz (Offence is an absolute TUNE) and Lizzo – we can’t wait for what 2019 will bring! To give you a taste of these successful ladies check out Phoebe Bridgers video to the brilliant ‘Motion Sickness’ below!

MUSIC: Shame – Songs of Praise

Amongst the talented ladies soothing our headspace there was one band that jumped out and dominated us from the moment we first listened to their album. Shame’s debut ‘Songs of Praise’ is in our opinion an absolute masterpiece of a debut and whilst there has been so much attention towards the rise of Idles people should really be diverting some of that attention towards these guys too. They have toured solidly throughout the year growing and growing – whilst their album picked up recognition with Rough Trade records as being their album of the year. The album delivers a heady mix of indie and punk rock ending it all with one of our now favourite album closers of all time with ‘Angie’ – we are aware that that is a big statement but let’s put it into context. It is one of those songs that you get so excited to reach because it is such an anthem but then you also feel a pang of disappointment as you realise you have reached the end of the album. There was a simple resolution to that though – listen to the album all over again – and that we did… all year round. Our greatest regret was never being able to catch them live!


PODCAST: Shat The Movies

We have gone on about these guys a number of times now and we will just remind you once again as this podcast series has definetly been one of our favourite finds of the year. We have lost count of how many of their podcasts we have listened to now and haven’t ever felt bored – it genuinely feels like you are sat round with your friends and it is this comfort and charm that makes this podcast such a success. Gene, Roger, Big D and Kerri have been a genuine revelation to brighten up 2018 and we look forward to spending more time with them next year. If you haven’t discovered their fun take on reviewing movies from the 80s and 90s to see if they were as good as we remembered then you really should give them a listen – it is fun, factual, and damn hilarious (and moving at times as you grow to learn more about these podcasters who are very open and genuine). Subscribe here and support these guys!


MOVIES: A few leftfield choices for our favourites!

It has been a great year for movies, once again, and we are still working our way through all the greatness that has greeted us! We caught the beautiful Roma and can confirm it is everything that people have made it out to be!

But what was our favourite movies of the year? We had Avengers: Infinity War which quenched our geekish thirst and certainly lived up to expectation – here is our Top 5 list of what we loved this year!

5. BLOCKERS – we never expected to love this movie as much as we did, but it totally caught us off guard. It is heartfelt, funny, and proves that John Cena can act (and he is brilliant).

4. ROMA – as metioned earlier – this movie was just simply stunning. The fact that is was so visually engaging on our screens at home proves how powerful this movie truly is. Imagine the effect it will have once it is released in the cinemas!

3. HALLOWEEN – We have been so excited to see this movie, in fact so much so we caught it a couple of days before our wedding (how romantic right?!) – this movie was great fun and we felt it totally delivered.

2. THE SQUARE – We still find ourselves laughing over this movie months after watching it. Despite it being lengthy we got totally sucked into Ruben Ostlund’s second movie and we can’t wait to see what he will follow this up with. If you like your humour dark and dry this is absolute perfection.

1. A QUIET PLACE – We managed to avoid any spoilers for this and only managed to see it recently. It certainly lived up to the hype with it’s jump scares and genius use of sound. We loved everything about it and even more so that it was masterminded by Jim from the American Office – we knew you were up to something when Dwight wasn’t pestering you!

TV SHOWS: Too Many to mention!

We will be doing a separate blog on this as there were so many great shows released this year – we would like to make a special mention though for Julie Davis’ Sally4Ever which will stand out for us in how much it made us laugh and be repulsed at the same time. You know you’ve seen something funny when an hour after seeing an episode you are still bursting into fits of laughter – there were elements of this show that will never wash away from our retinas and even now writing this we are laughing. Add the fact that only a month before watching this we had also caught Camping, another Julia Davis penned piece of genius! Get involved but don’t watch with your parents!

MUSIC: Anjunadeep

Anjunadeep was another great find for this year, we are well aware we have been late to the party but it seemed like a great time to join as it was stated that 2018 had been one of the greatest for record label. We certainly felt that vibe when we caught a healthy handful of the artists at Printworks in December! An absolutely epic venue and incredible experience! You can read more about how Alex fell down the Anjunadeep rabbit hole HERE

So roll on 2019 with a ton of amazing movies coming out, more TV series (new and returning) and plenty of music and podcasts to listen out to!

What has been you highlight for 2019? Band, TV show, podcasts or movie?