This week we find out more about a genius brand which comes at a poignant time!

Who are you?

We’re Boho Dust – a biodegradable glitter company, dedicated to ending microplastic pollution and offering a sustainable alternative to regular plastic glitter.

What do you do?

As festival lovers, we offer an alternative way to sparkle without harming the planet. Our glitter breaks down in the natural environment meaning you can get glittery without leaving a lasting trace. With the rising issue of microplastic pollution, we’re dedicated to ending it – one piece of glitter at a time!

What are you currently enjoying? (Music / Podcasts / Tv Shows / etc)

We’re currently reminiscing on last festival season by listening to artists we watched over the summer! With the long winter nights we’re in full reading mode – currently on the list is Laura Bates ‘Girl Up’ – which is epic.

Whats coming up next for you?

We’re currently getting ready for festival season which is super exciting. We’ve just invested in new biodegradable glitter packets which we’re super proud of, and before next festival season, we’re looking to go totally plastic free. We’re also in the middle of a re-brand, so watch this space!

As a start-up there is so much scope for exciting projects, and we’re looking forward to an exciting 2019!

Today’s best advice?

For us, sustainability is key. Do one sustainable thing whether this be litter picking on your walk to work or switching up your glitter. As nature-lovers, it really breaks our heart to see plastic pollution. Try ditching single-use in your day to day and opting for re-usables. We can all do our bit to help combat this issue.

We absolutely LOVE this genius idea! Get behind BOHO DUST by following them (and spreading the word) on the following links below! Plenty of time to purchase and get kitted out for festival season!


Twitter: @BohoDust


Instagram: @Boho_Dust

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