This week we discovered and chatted to the very talented Plike!

Who are you?
I’m Em Baker, and I’m an electronic music producer currently living in Champaign, Illinois. I was born in San Francisco, but I’ve lived in just about every state in the USA. I’m exactly five feet tall, I’ve read The Godfather twenty-four times, and I’m pretty talented with a crockpot.

What do you do?
I’m the Lead Audio Designer for Oak Moon Games, an independent game studio based in the UK. It’s been such an amazing experience working with Oak Moon, it’s really given me the opportunity to spread my wings creatively. It’s funny, once I really got immersed in sound design, I suddenly became hyper-aware of all the sounds going on around me that I’d never really paid attention to before. It can be a weird bird call or the creak of the porch swing chains or just about anything really, and suddenly my brain is going, “That’d be an awesome creature sound. That’d be perfect for that basement scene.”

What are you currently working on?
At the moment I’m composing a theme for one of the locations in Momo Ichigo, the upcoming game I’m working on with Oak Moon. The game is based on Japanese folklore, and it’s been amazing getting to work with so many Japanese instrument sounds, shamisen and koto and shakuhachi flute to name a few. I’m also working on the next Plike EP which I’m hoping to release in early August.

What are you currently enjoying (tv shows, movies, podcasts,ice cream?)
Right now I’m watching through Toast of London on Netflix, and it is absolutely hysterical. Matt Berry is brilliant, every single episode there’s a joke that makes me laugh till I cry. I recently discovered a treasure trove of 1950s sci-fi B movies like The Giant Claw on YouTube, and I’ve been having a lot of fun watching through a bunch of those. I’m also playing through Fallout 4 for the second time. It’s such a great stress reliever, building donut shops for settlements and beating up super mutants. What’s not to love.

What is your advice for today?
To make quick-pickles, whisk a little salt and sugar into a cup of white vinegar and pour over any type of thinly-sliced vegetables. Wait about twenty minutes. Munch.

Wow quick pickles as advice of the day? We love this! What a fascinating read from the talented Plike! To find out more and support her fascinating work follow the links below!


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