INTERVIEW: Vandebilt

This week we introduce a musical discovery in the form of the band Vandebilt who have some good advice to share…

Who are you?

We are Vandebilt the millennial equivalent of Stock Aitken Waterman 

What do you do?

We compose music that people often refer to as “bangers”

What are you currently working on?

Back, abs and legs. On a serious note, the music videos for our next few singles. Hold tight!

What are you currently enjoying (tv shows, movies, podcasts, ice cream?)

We’re currently obsessed with Anthony Bourdain which made us book a recent holiday to Cologne and nearly drank ourselves to death.

We’re also really into Mexican food at the moment as there’s an amazing Mexican restaurant opened in Sunderland called ‘Mexico 70’. 

What is your advice for today?

Find a good pub, drink plenty of beer, eat well and delete your internet history!

Vandebilt have kept this short and sweet yet very informal – next time we are up in Sunderland we’ll be looking for Mexico 70′ whilst listening to their new ‘banger’ of track ‘Dream in Colour’ !

You can find out more on the band below!




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