INTERVIEW: Epic Beard Men (Sage Francis and B.Dolan)

This week we share another interesting discovery … Epic Beard Men! Intrigued? Read on…

Who are you?

Who are we?  Who are you?!  

We’re the Epic Beard Men. Act like you knew.

*This is in fact B.Dolan from the beard swaying duo….*

What do you do?

Is this whole interview going to rhyme?  No it isn’t. We make words rhyme though. Over hip hop beats.  

Some people call that poetry, but that’s only if there’s chairs and the audience is sitting down. Then we’re poets.

Otherwise if the crowd is standing up, we ask them to do stuff like put their hands in the air and people consider us rappers.

What are you currently working on?

That’s become a somewhat loaded question, for me. I’m currently working on living long enough to finish all the things I’m currently working on.

The next thing people hear from me will either be another movie (I’m currently working on submitting the second draft), or another collection of rap songs
(I’m currently stacking up writing and demos for an un-announced future release).  CURRENTLY CURRENTLY I’m working on preparing for the Epic Beard Men EU/UK

Tour, which begins in about a month and will end our season of touring behind 3 years of writing, production, and a release I’m extremely proud of.  I like when the work gets completed well.

What are you currently enjoying (tv shows, movies, podcasts, ice cream?)

My wife. I’m home and enjoying her a lot. We’ve watch a LOT of Star Trek. I’m sort of a Worf, she’s more of a Jadzia Dax. 

What is your advice for today?

If there’s a person smaller than you standing behind you at a show, and your body is making it so they can’t see anything but the back of you, move behind them.

As a certified lifelong giant motherfucker I promise you’ll still see, and  it doesn’t take much to be a lil self aware at shows.  Look around you.  Let everybody share the fun.  Class photo organization rules have adult applications, nahmean?

Rhyming answers, hard working, and tall talented artists (with fantastic advice)! It has been great getting to know the Epic Beard Men. You can find out more on the links below along with even catching them live on their European tour!

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