INTERVIEW: Gender Roles

We speak to Brighton-based rock outfit Gender Roles, whose new album ‘PRANG’ has just been released and blasting out of Minnis2Society HQ’s speakers all this week! Hear about their upcoming tour and what they’ve been listening to and watching recently…

Your new album, ‘Prang’, has just been released. Some people might need the help of urban dictionary for that one, but how would you define it in the context of the album?

Dunno what Urban Dictionary says, but Prang means sketching out and feeling all prang about stuff. No one needs to prang, but we all do.

Who has prang’d out most

Most of the world currently. Out of the three of us though, it’s the three of us.

You are on your album tour soon, anywhere in particular you are excited to play?

We’re excited about all of them! We’ve never been to Sheffield or Liverpool so they’ll be really fun for us to go to, but by the sounds of it, they’re all going to be pretty packed and super fun!

What have you been listening to/watching recently? Any recommendations?

Just watched ‘The Boys’ that was sick. Started ‘Friends’ again for the 1000th time. Listening to new Microwave / Prince Daddy and the Hyena / Curse These Metal Hands.

Finally, what is your tip for the day?

Don’t answer interview questions when you’re cooking food. It will burn, you will get shouted at, you will have no food left and it’s your own fault.

You can find our more by follwing Gender Roles by following them on Twitter @genderrolesuk or on the their facebook page here Gender Roles

You can also catch them on tour one the following dates and venues!

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