INTERVIEW: Grumpy Skeletor

I’m an 80’s kid, who’s fast becoming a slightly grumpy old(er) man, but who loves nothing more than laughing at sarcastic, sweary tweets and silly memes just like a…well, kid. So when one day I stumbled across the Twitter account of @GrumpySkeletor, a mock-account for He-Man’s arch nemesis Skeletor, I knew I was going to like it!

Not only did we get to speak to the man behind the hilariously funny Twitter account, but Grumpy Skeletor himself took a break from insulting He-Man just long enough to answer some questions…well, almost…

First up we managed to speak to the man behind the account, Jamie Sullivan…

So how did this all come about?!

I enjoyed just making daft jokes and generally titting about on my personal twitter page and just really trying to make my friends laugh and was always toying with the notion of doing some sort of parody account. Before coming up with Grumpy Skeletor I had set up Twitter accounts of a time travelling Shane Richie and, errrr, one involving the ghost of Fred West. Thankfully, both are long consigned to history.

I’d been a fan of the original cartoon of Masters of the Universe since it’s arrival in 1983 and I was 8 years old. It was unlike any cartoon I’d seen before with exciting adventures performed by a vast array of colourful heroes and villains. I had the toys, the lunchbox, and the wallpaper on my wall.

Within 2 years I’d pretty much forgotten it and moved onto other cartoons and discovered the glorious Sinclair Spectrum 128k. And that’s how it remained for another 33 years – a discarded childhood memory.

Then one day the thought of placing Skeletor into a modern day BRITISH context made me chuckle. It allows me to tweet about things I dislike (Mrs Brown’s Boys, Maroon 5, and Caramacs to name but a few) but as if it were coming out of the mouth of a petty evil overlord. I also wanted to portray him as the ‘good guy’ as that’s how I always thought he would want to be portrayed.

Originally it was called ‘Annoyed Skeletor’ but it got banned after a week for reasons that twitter never explained to me so I tried again with Grumpy Skeletor and luckily it has remained ever since.

For about 6 months the account was just things like ‘Beast Man has got his head trapped in the cat flap again’. People would send me internet memes of Skeletor and I remembered that there are 2 seasons of Masters of the Universe comprising of 130 episodes (and a Christmas special) and all were available on YouTube.

So I watched an episode a day, and paused and made screenshots of any images that potentially could be used for a joke. And this is now the account as you know it today – a tweet with an image from the cartoon attached to it.

Primarily I do it to make myself laugh, it’s just a hobby that I enjoy doing and if others like it then that’s a bonus. I’m lucky that I get some very nice feedback and messages from people that make doing it all worthwhile!

Then Grumpy Skeletor himself turned up to answer our questions…

Big news about Kevin Smith getting involved with a Netflix He-Man Project – how do you feel about this Skeletor?

I’m all for the reboot of MOTU as long as He-Man is portrayed as the complete arsehole that he actually is and that I’m not animated to look like a demented crackhead as was the case in the last reboot (google it). It’s basically all down to me that all the interest in the cartoon has been revived anyway- I’m just grateful that the moneysupermarket ads have finished because they made me look like a right fucking fanny.

There is even further news about a movie being released in 2021 – who would you like to play yourself?

As for any rumoured film – the best person to play me would be me – I’ve got the looks, charm and physique and acting looks like a piece of piss. I’d be cheap too – just pay me in Monster Munch and Star Bars and I’ll be happy.

Were you a fan of Dolph Lundgren’s biceps?

I was not even a fan of the 1987 film. Dolph Lundgren looked like a knob.

According to the internet you are allergic to pollen – can you confirm or deny this?

I’m not allergic to pollen, just He-Man.

And apparently you are He-Man’s uncle how did that come about?

I’m not He-Man’s uncle. That’s fake news. I am Prince Adam’s uncle though and as everyone knows he is a completely different person altogether who just happens to be a close personal friend of He-Man. They are, however, both dicks.

What have you been enjoying watching all by yourself recently? Any movie, TV Series you have been watching or albums you have been listening to?

I’m too fucking busy to watch movies or listen to music. I’m constantly trying to either devise evil schemes to capture Castle Grayskull or making sure that my henchmen aren’t fucking them up. If I ever find myself lucky enough to have a spare 40 minutes I might treat myself to an episode of Homes Under The Hammer.

Finally, what is your best advice of the day?

If I can impart any advice to people reading this I’d just say avoid muscular, sword wielding, furry underpants wearing, pudding bowl haircutted men with a penchant for spouting patronising bullshit because there’s a good chance it’s likely to be He-Man and as we all know – he’s an absolute c***!

Well, on that note! For more fabulous entertainment, head over to Grumpy Skeletor’s Twitter account and give him a follow: / @GrumpySkeletor

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