We got to talk to Benjamin Laub, better known as Grieves, who is a Seattle-based hip hop artist on the excellent Rhymesayers Entertainment label!

Nice to meet you Grieves, tell us a bit more about the name and how you came to settle on it?

Honestly, I was young and VERY angsty. I was signing up for a battle and didn’t have a rap name. The host made me come up with one on the spot. I was trying it out as a graffiti name so I decided to roll with it. I never thought about it till I was older that I shoulda picked something cooler, like Captain Gun Dick or something, yah know?

You have recently dropped your new EP ‘Collections of Mr.Nice Guy’ How do you feel the process of this one went?

This one is different than all the others because I produced it myself. No big studios, no big name producers, just me in my home studio making beats and writing music. I loved it. Gonna start working on my full length now using the same process. Taking it back to my roots.

In light of the above, how does the journey feel since the slight transition forward of your sound looking back at 88 Keys & Counting, and even Together/Apart?

Art is always changing right? It has to. I never know what I’m gonna create when I sit down to create so I never have any expectations. This helps me evolve and allow new sounds and styles into my process. Start with a blank slate and let it happen.

Ahead of the Secret Handshake tour coming up around Europe- anywhere in particular you are looking forward to playing the most?

I’m excited for all these UK dates. I haven’t got to tour much of the UK so this will be new for me. As a US artist it’s hard for me to make it out that way and still have it make sense financially. I’m super happy I get this chance to share the music to new places and drink all the whiskey.

What have you been listening to/watching recently?

Been watching a show called “The Boys” which I absolutely love! As far as music goes, I’ve been listening to a lot of various Lo-Fi stuff. Been the vibe lately.

Finally, what is your tip of the day?

Same tip I’ve had my whole life, not super impressive, but not too bad. Get the job done.

We are looking forward to seeing Grieves when he performs at the Green Door Store in Brighton in a couple of months!

To find out more, follow him on Twitter @Grievesmusic

Check out his music on all music platforms including Spotify

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