Rozi Plain’s ‘What a Boost’ album has been played regulary at Minnis2Society HQ – this week we managed to catch up with Rozi as she continues her busy European and UK Tour!

Tell us about how your tour is going so far!

We’re about to start a solid month of shows after lots of festivals over the summer weekends. I’ve really been enjoying the trotting off to work on a Thursday or Friday and then trotting home again on a Monday routine that seems to happen in the summer – so civilised! I think an impression can be that it feels really hectic but it feels pretty tidy! But also looking forward to the upcoming marathon and getting knee deep into it!

But yes the shows have been really fun. I think i really like the festivals that happen towards the end of the summer. Maybe it’s just cuz i like having my coat back on again – phew!

Anywhere in particular you are looking forward to visiting?

The first two weeks of our tour are in France and I’m looking forward to that. I really love being in France in October. But also looking forward to the Uk trot too of course. The tour finishes in November in Ireland and Im always very pleased to be in Ireland! There’s a big show we’re doing in London that I’m excited / terrified about! 

How has 2019 been for you and what can we expect from you in 2020?

Well it’s been pretty busy and whizzy and now look – it’s nearly October and we’ve only just got used to writing 2019 on our school workbooks. But yes it’s been good that it’s been busy – i think thats whats supposed to happen. Hopefully there’l be some time to work on some stuff in 2020. We’re going to do a little residency on Eigg in the new year to work on some new things..

Your album ‘What A Boost’ is a beautiful piece of work – we love how it feels like entering some dreamscape. How did you approach how you wanted to record the album?

Originally i tried to record it all in one go in a short space of time – this is how we did the last one – but of course i forgot that things don’t usually happen in the same way twice so i kept half of the things we did in the short space of time and then spent the rest of the year recording it in millions of other places. I was on tour a lot (i play the bass in this is the kit) so spent a lot of time working on things while we were moving around. We added lots and lots of things – i think that happens when you spend a long time on stuff maybe – and then of course ended up taking a fair bit of it off – but also kept quite a bit of it on. It was really enjoyable going quite far into the textures of some of them.

We loved The National’s recent album featuring many collaborations including Kate Stables from This Is Kit – anyone you would love to collaborate with?

I’m usually feel quite shy to name any names but I’m up for it mates – let’s jam! 

We were part of the People Festival that happened in Berlin last summer and that was really good boot camp in getting over some collaborating nervousnesses. It was a really intense week of working on million of different things with millions of different people – collaboration boot camp!

Any albums, musicians, tv shows, podcasts or movies have you been enjoying recently?

Albums I’ve been listening to recently are :

Weaver by Twin Talk

The Mind Is A Trap by Serafina Steer

Pro Tools by GZA 

Also I love the Kit Records radio show on NTS every other Sunday

We watched a great film in the van recently called The Station Agent.

Finally, what is your tip of the day?

When considering dried fruit – figs are figs , dates are dates, prunes are plumbs. When considering caves – stalactites hang tight to the ceiling , stalagmites are mighty on the floor.

Also when travelling north on the train – Crewe is a mysteriously cheap place to break your journey at.

To find out more you can follow Rozi on twitter @RoziPlain and at Facebook on Facebook/RoziPlain

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