A few weeks back we caught God Colony’s new single ‘Etiquette’ on Mary Anne Hobbs’ playlist and were big fans of the track which gave us Tricky-esque goosebumps. We got in touch with the London-based ‘industrial hip-hop’ duo to find out some more and what we can be expecting from them next!

Your new single ‘Etiquette’ got played on BBC Radio 6 with Mary Anne Hobbs – how important is it to have the support from radio stations?

People say radio doesn’t matter like it used to but the likes of Mary, Benji, Toddla and Julie still break amazing stuff all the time. I {James} am constantly getting into people through DJ’s playlists and Tom will always have 1XTRA on in the car and you feel that you get a much more unfiltered sense of what is going on sometimes.

We’ve been lucky to get support from a lot of DJs on radio, and we did a Maida Vale session with Huw Stephens which was unreal. Plus the whole of 2017 was defined for us by working with NTS on a project – they helped us make four videos and we’ll never forget that. It’s the best station in the world.

But special shout to Mary Anne Hobbs in particular. She was the first DJ to play us after we emailed her and her support has been brilliant.

This is your first release in a couple of years – what have you got lined up next?

MAD WORLD is the name of our new label and Etiquette is the first release. We have a plan leading to until mid 2020 right now and you’ll be seeing a lot of singles with a lot of new voices, we’re so excited to be putting stuff out again.

Can we expect a tour in 2020?

Yes, hopefully. We have a live AV show which will be a mix of existing material, unreleased stuff and some exclusive edits specifically for live. Jacob Chabeaux has been our visual collaborator since day 1 and is designing the visuals.

There are some fantastic vocal artists that you have collaborated with and your new track features Izambard. How do you find the artists and go about the collaboration?

Lots of ways, really. The best thing about working in London is how much exciting traffic you get from people all trying to make something. We met Flohio through a mutual friend that I was working with. Izambard through the studio we rented and Kojey we just found on YouTube and hit up. We’re always looking for somebody that we’d like to work with, and the only real prerequisite is that they wanna make something that’s gonna sound new to us, it doesn’t matter if they’re established or even experienced, it’s an attitude thing.

Anybody you are particularly excited about working with or would love to collaborate with?

We’re keeping our cards close for the future collabs that are on the way so no clues there i’m afraid. We talk about people we’d like to work with a lot. I guess the most recent people we had thought about were Holly Johnson and Macy Gray. Kanye.

What have you been enjoying recently in terms of music, podcasts, movies or tv shows?

Music: Aitch – Taste (Make It Shake), Two Full Minds – no smoke (deep dap dap), loads of M.I.A, Felix Lee: Inna Daze

Podcasts: Desert Island Discs, Popcast
Movie: F for Fake
TV: Succession

Finally, what is your tip of the day?

Be nice to each other.

New Single ‘Etiquette’ is out now!

We are really excited to hear more music from these guys and what they have planned live for 2020!

To find out more on God Colony you can follow them over at Twitter at @god_colony and also on their facebook page God Colony

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