INTERVIEW: Muck Spreader

Every now and again we stumble upon people we are fascinated by, whom are only just starting off on their adventure. In this instance, we fell upon Muck Spreader, after a recommendation from Theo Ellis (of Wolf Alice) on Instagram. We were intrigued to find out more, so we invited them for an interview. And we were left even more intrigued! Find out why below…

Who is Muck Spreader?  Are you a muck spreader in terms of gossip mongering or making the countryside smell like shit?

Muck spreading to us is actually a mixture of both. I came up with the name whilst listening to the house of commons in the garden at my mother’s house in the countryside where muck was also being spread. To me it is taking something apparently that is viewed as bad or negative and using it to fertilise and create new life, growth and development.

You dropped the single ‘Having Fun’ back in August – what is up next?

We have another single and video collaboration with the incredible Dorothy Allen Pickard coming out again on our own label whirling dervish before the end of this year. As we’re a completely improvised free form band we’ve been recording and documenting all of our live shows. We’re also in the process of mixing a collection of songs we recorded completely live in the studio earlier in the year.

We were trying to describe your sound but couldn’t come to a conclusion – how would you describe it?

Its so impacted by the environment we’re playing, The day and experiences of each band member playing. We also struggle to describe it as none of us know what’s coming next until we do it. Each show recording and collaboration of us playing is always unique.

What are you plans for 2020?
Be open to whatever may happen.

What have you been listening to or watching recently any recommendations?

To read: The Tao of Wu by RZA 

To watch: Border by Ali Abbasi

To listen: is a recommendation from our trumpet player Vinnie the genius Pandit Pran Nath

Finally what is your tip of the day?


To find out more you can follow Muck Spreader on Facebook or on their Instagram @keepitmucky

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