What better way to celebrate Halloween than to listen to the brilliant FriGay the 13th Horror Podcast, “…about horror–in real life AND in the movies–from an LGBT perspective!”

We got to speak to Matty and Andrew about their successful podcast, and of course, find out what horror movies they recommend to watch from behind the sofa tonight!

Tell us about your podcast and who you are?

We are FriGay the 13th Horror Podcast. We try to tackle horror in real life and horror in the media, all from an LGBTQ perspective. We try to take a topic and find real life horrors and then pair them with horror movies, with some fun games and such inbetween. In one of our latest episodes we looked at the horrors of Chicago such as Cabrini Green and lack of affordable housing and we paired it with Candyman and Stir of Echoes. We’ve also handled such things as cults, college rape cover ups, transgender rights and many more. Because we understand that most horrors that movies are based off of real life events! 

We love the segments you have in the podcast – tell us more about the ideas behind them.

We try to find a balance between things that are happening right now in our real world and stories that have happened in the past that may have inspired some of the modern horror movies we look at. We also like to do our segment “Whatcha Been Watchin, Bitch” where we share some recommendations or tell people to stay far far away from movies and TV shows we have been watching lately At the end of our show we always try to gay things up a bit and play a game usually exploiting the characters in the movies for our own nefarious pleasures. 

As it’s Halloween today, what is your all-time ‘go to’ horror movie?

For Matty it is definitely The Exorcist and for Andrew around Halloween he always has to watch Halloween III Season of the Witch and Trick R’ Treat.

Carpenter, Zombie or Gordon Green’s version of ‘Halloween’? 

Hands down Carpenter! Zombie has let us down too many times at the point…

And how about some real-life horror stories?

Right now the atrocities at the border are really keeping us down. The fact that we are keeping kids not only away from their parents, but also in CAGES is infuriating, and only because they were trying to make a better lives for themselves. It’s honestly the saddest thing in our lives right now. 

Have you felt 2019 has been a good year for horror movies? What are your recommendations for some of the best scares this year?

Yes, I think independent horror is still kicking ass now that we have streaming services that can help elevate them such as Netflix and Shudder. Horror in the Theaters has been pretty good as well with Midsommar, Ready or Not, Us, and surprisingly even Child’s Play being really good.

Finally, what is your tip of the day?

Choose something and be creative in whatever you do. 

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