We were approached by this lovely chap to help promote his new single ‘Willow’ and decided to have a chat with him and find out more.

So here is Ren ladies & gentleman!

Ren, you have a new single out ‘Willow’ what is the plan from there?

After ‘Willow’ comes out I’ve got another single and a live E.P ready to release in early 2020. I’m also planning on recording my debut album in my home studio set up in January and February that will be ready for release towards the autumn of next year with a bit of luck. I have limited experience in recording myself and limited equipment but I believe that having those limitations could help to make something creative and authentic.

Are you following the trend of releasing a number of EPs before going in and doing an album?

I’ve only released one E.P so far. I prefer the idea of releasing albums rather than E.Ps but I definitely understand why artists release a series of E.Ps rather than albums. It seems that people don’t have the attention span these days to take in a whole album from an artist that they don’t already know about.

How hard is it in this day and age to push your music when there is so much competition?

Very hard. Almost impossible but worth it with every little victory.

Who do you see as your influences?

I see singer songwriters such as Damien Rice and Foy Vance as great influences. Not only because their music and talent is undeniable but also because of the life experience they gained and channelled in to their debut releases. I believe every word they sing.

What have you been watching/listening to/reading this year? Any recommendations?

I don’t really watch too many series as I don’t have netflix and all of that. I have been listening to the new Bon Iver album a lot. It’s fantastic. I’ve also been listening to a lot of debut albums that have been recorded in a DIY way to get inspiration for when I attempt to record my debut album.

There are a couple of artists from the North East of England that I would recommend checking out. Bosola is the musical project of singer songwriter Tim Cox who releases really interesting lofi folk songs. He’s only had a couple of releases so far but the writing is brilliant. The other artist I’d recommend from the North East is The Dawdler. He had an album out earlier this year and is already releasing music from his second album. Check out hi latest release ‘Dark Clouds’. Absolute tune.

Finally, what is your tip of the day?

Wear long johns to bed in the winter. You’re never too young to start

To find out more on Ren and his work you can follow him on all of the following:

Website: www.renofficialmusic.com

Twitter: @iamrenofficial