LA-based rapper and producer, Choosey, has returned after 4 years with a long-awaited new album, ‘Black Beans’. Through the soulful hip-hop sounds, he conveys his experience of growing up Afro-Chicano, a perspective often under-represented. The album is a fantastic piece of work and boasts the exemplary production skills of Exile. Give it a listen!

With his tour coming up with Blu & Exile, we managed to catch up with Choosey to discuss ‘Black Beans’, samples, and his plans for 2020 (amongst many other things)! Read on and happy Friday!

It has been incredibly exciting for your debut full length album ‘Black Beans’ to have finally dropped, it seems like it was a long time coming? How has 2019 treated you following the release?

Exciting indeed. It really was a long time coming but I’m glad we took our time and dropped it this year. 2019 has been beautiful man, I can honestly say I have no complaints. It’s been amazing to see and feel how everyone’s connecting with my debut album.

The sample choice on ‘I Did’ is superb – is it easy dropping samples into tracks or do they sometimes come with other challenges?

It’s easy cause Ex makes it easy. He understands how to leave space or add elements that compliment a vocalist. The challenge really is to not keep writing verses and picking which verses to use haha.

There are a few features on the album, but we noticed you got Aloe Blacc onto the album, (and the dreamy video for ‘Low Low’)- how did that all come about?

Low Low is special and we always knew it was. Ex and I were living together at the time and we’d just vibe to a rough version of the beat he’d looped for a while. I wrote the 3 verses and left space in between each verse when I recorded it, not really knowing what would fill the space. Aloe came over the pad one day and started free styling over it. I hit record, and the rest is history.

You are about to head on tour around Europe with Blu & Exile- how does it feel to be bringing the album on the road over here?

I’m hyped yo! Touring with Blu & Exile is so much fun. It’s just like family rockin and expressing the shit we love. Goin overseas this time is a lot different than the others cause I actually have an album out so, I guess I’m even more excited. Lookin forward for sure.

Pick up tickets for the show HERE

And what about 2020 – any plans?

More music, more music, more music! I have my hands in a lot of design projects as well as community projects in my hometown, San Diego. Hopefully more travels to Europe too.

Hip Hop in 2019 – do you feel it has been a good year for the culture?

Most definitely. Despite the losses of some of our greats, namely Nipsey Hussle and Mac Miller, the culture is healthy. We’re free and thriving. It’s almost like we weren’t “allowed” to be weird or eccentric for so many years but now we back on some De La Soul shit and catching recognition. It’s been a good year and it’s only gonna get better after this one.

What else have you been enjoying recently? (in terms of albums, movies, reading, books)

I’ve been skateboarding, writing/composing, designing, and spending time with family mostly – that’s where I get most of my joy these days. I feel like I missed out on so much while sacrificing time to complete the album but now I’m gettin back to it and it feels great. That of course plus listening to and discovering music. Diggin deeper into oldies/chicano soul music as of late.

Finally what is your tip of the day?

Take your time, breathe, then execute.

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