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You might remember Anisa from 2017’s ‘The Apprentice’ show, where her passion, creativity and enthusiasm saw her through to week 8. Her journey sadly came to an end after a doggy daycare task, but despite being fired, Anisa’s drive, determination, integrity, and bubbly personality shone through. After taking some time off to recover from the process, which she found tougher than she thought she would, she’s learned a lot about herself and she’s back ready to kick ass! As 2019’s The Apprentice almost comes to an end, we catch up with Anisa to see how she’s doing and her big plans for 2020.

It’s been two bloody years since your involvement with The Apprentice! Have you recovered yet?

I have finally recovered. What a bloody job interview that was! I am happy to have put myself through it despite the show nearly tipping me over the edge. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and wow, that’s definitely one way of doing it! However it wasn’t all bad and I learned more about myself than I did business wise, which was unexpected.

And lets be honest, how harsh is that Claude character in real life?

Claude is a dude IRL. He is supportive with a wicked sense of humour. I definitely made him smile a few times, I mean I did perform a magic show that was sadly cut out of the series at Wembley and I know he loved and will remember me for that.

You had some well deserved time out and are now ready to launch your coaching business – tell us some more about that!

I’ve launched my coaching business which will help start-ups, SME’s and entrepreneurs with their business as well as their PR and profile. After running my own business for the last decade I want to help others make the leap as well as encouraging business owners, as I know what a challenge it is first hand. I made my biggest breakthroughs through being coached myself, you cannot escape accountability when someone else is involved. I have a brilliant health coach, Kate, who totally sees through my BS and it’s so useful. I want to help others break through their blocks and achieve the life they want to create. I’m also working with some top industry professionals on an event to make people more mindful about their consumption which will launch in 2020. I have just become a creative director on new jewellery label Couturie, as well as still running special projects over at my PR agency, The Twenty Fifth Hour.

Anything else exciting that you have been up to?

I joined a brilliant entrepreneurial group with the legendary coach that is Dan Meredith who kicked my ass during a challenge to share my story and not be afraid. It’s like he pushed me at the exact time I was ready to share my stories and now I can’t stop sharing! Is it oversharing?! You can make your own mind up! I reckon I have a lifetime of words within me that need expressing – this is plastered over all of my social media walls for all to see so I’m not hiding.

What have you been enjoying recently?

I found Casisdead’s music (super late to his party)  and I am OBSESSED. I bought his Pat Earrings IRL and wear them a lot! I mean his lyrics are so considered and so British I can’t even handle it. See below. Also Drive you Home @Casisdead (pinned tweet on his Twitter) – it’s too much. Mostly I get obsessed with songs and listen to them forever until I move on but then revisit them fondly so Mount Kimbie Blue Train Lines is another song I can’t shake!

I recently re-watched ‘Blue is the warmest colour.’ I adore it. It’s an intense love story subtitled as it’s French. It’s a true coming of age film that is filled with experimentation and it takes me back to my teens.

I am also listening to some amazing tarot readers and astrologers – Strange Magic with my sis Sarah Faith Gottesdiener in LA, Jessica Lanyadoo my fave astrologer’s Ghost of a Podcast and my new YouTube honey Mermaid Scales Tarot for everything relationship based on tarot cards she pulls for your starsign. Also Marie Forleo for everything business she totally inspires me.

Finally what would be your tip of the day?

Have fun! We’re definitely not getting out of this alive 😉

Thanks for talking to us Anisa – we wish you all the best for the future! 

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