We always love discovering hilarious parody accounts – if you haven’t already read our Grumpy Skeletor interview then you really should. So we got very excited to talk the PJ Evans, New York based creator of a wonderful parody Twitter account based on Disneyland. And all our dreams came true when we got to speak to PJ himself…and his Disneyland persona too. Magic!

As PJ Evans…

Where did the idea come for creating the Disneyland account?

I took a road trip from New York to Los Angeles to help my brother move. He took me to Disneyland and I just thought it was such an insane place. Literally right when we walked in, an adult screamed ‘Weeeeeee!!!’ and I was just like this is incredible where am I. A mall with rides. It was the first time I had been there in decades. Shortly after visiting, I created the account which was originally called “Wrong Wait Times”. So if you scroll back far enough, you’ll see tweets specific to that theme. I quickly realized I was pigeonholing myself and ended up just switching to Disneyland. A bunch of my friends followed it right off the bat and then a few hilarious people—like Grace Spelman—with big followings retweeted some stuff and now it’s popping off.

Have you encountered any kick back for the account?

Surprisingly none at all. I think I am protected under parody law? I don’t fully understand laws, though. I know the corporation is famously litigious so I do feel like there’s constantly a knife around the corner, but I’m having fun with it for now. I also have a lot of arguments lined up that would definitely hold up in court, like, “I am bringing more attention to the park, so if anything, you should pay me.”

Do you ever go to bed and have nightmares of waking up to see Mickey Mouse holding a baseball bat?

No, I would like to think Mickey is cool with all this. Despite him being a large mouse, I think we have more in common than you’d think. For instance, we both wear gloves so we don’t get coronavirus.

Ever thought of a Euro Disneyland account?

I think that could be fun, but I’ll leave it for someone else to do. Thinking of domestic jokes is hard enough. I’ve seen a few other theme park parody accounts pop up after this one gained some traction and I think that rules. It seems like everyone has a good time dunking on capitalism. The more the merrier.

Disneyland excitement aside what have you been watching, listening to, or reading recently? Any recommendations?

I’ve been listening to the Usher song ‘Love In This Club’ featuring Young Jeezy a lot. Grateful Dead’s Europe ‘72 is always on heavy rotation and I couldn’t recommend it enough. The internet radio show ‘Time Crisis’ on Beats One is a great way to stay informed about things that happened 3-4 weeks ago. The ‘Who Is?’ podcast from NowThis is a sad, but informative podcast on the people controlling America. I’ve been reading a lot of Jacobin articles, which are also always a great way to stay in the know. Whitmer Thomas’s HBO special is excellent. I’ve heard ‘Love, Simon’ is good? Also, everyone should check out the NBA, which is the National Basketball Association.

Just friends – Mickey and PJ

As Disneyland…

Hows business been?

Real solid. We recently found out money is awesome so we’re happy to be making a lot of that. Even though no one is complaining about this, we believe our prices are VERY fair. Where else can you spend $20 on a churro and look at a big mouse? We have cornered the market.

Any new rides we should be excited about?

Yes absolutely. We’re in the final stage of a new roller coaster called ‘Road Trip’. It will start here in Anaheim and take you to Holland, Michigan going a cool 20mph. We tested it recently and the reviews were great. “This ride is life changing. Literally. I am three years older than I was when it took off in Anaheim.” So everyone is really excited for Road Trip.

Splash Mountain seems to be having a lot of focus over its water – any updates?

Having an edible ride is paramount to us. We recently removed unwanted particles and trash through microfiltration and reverse osmosis. The water is completely safe to drink now and It’s actually on tap in Critter Town. The last of California’s water supply is right here at Disneyland, which is a sad thing, but also a very cool thing.

We heard Shrek has been a bit naughty telling people to lick toilets – can you confirm this is true?

Yeah. The big green guy keeps sneaking out of Universal Studios and over to our park, where he’s been telling everyone our toilets go by ‘envelope rules,’ meaning you have to lick the toilet seat for it to stay down. We haven’t been able to catch and kill him because we think he is an alien? If he’s reading this, we have contacted the pentagon and those guys are foaming at the mouth to end a life.

Baby Yoda is having a bit of a rough time there too? What happened?

With the new addition of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge comes plenty of new characters. Baby Yoda being one of them. Our large employee, Mark, was walking around doing what he does best: cleaning—-and he came across what he thought was a dead baby yoda. He swept him up with a broom and dustbin and walked slowly backwards to the nearest trash can, not to alarm the little green guy’s most fervent supporters. We broke the unfortunate news that the beloved green baby has died, but upon further review of the green, it was just a dropped salad. It’s unclear why Mark still thought it was Yoda even after sweeping up the obvious romaine.

Finally, any tips for anyone coming to visit in the near future?

It seems a majority of people—upon arrival—tell us their grades. You don’t need to do that to enter the park. Regardless of your grades, you are welcome here. Having said that, please take your studies seriously. But you do not need good grades to enter the park. But again, good grades are good, they just have nothing to do with us.

Bernie has his say!

Check out PJ’s account

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  1. Love PJ’S account of what’s going on with Disney! Looking forward to more of PJ’s revelations about Disney!!!

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