If you saw the a viral video on Pancake day of a girl tackling a huge stack of pancakes then it is likely you might already know who Kate Ovens might be! We got to talk to the girl who champions the UK’s Woman vs Food skills!

You started off this Woman Vs Food adventure almost by accident after tackling ‘The Gutbuster’ – was it a surprise to you when you tackled the challenge that you had won it?

I was really nervous but chose it for my first challenge as I really thought it was within my capabilities. When I first walked in, there were 3 men sat at the side who were all attempting the challenge. They were all struggling a lot which made me doubtful of whether I’d finish. But luckily I just got straight into it and kept at eye on the timer and only just finished it within the time frame. 

At what point did you think – right I got a skill here and I am going to use it?

It sort of happened by accident – I just loved food and have always had a passion for it growing up. But when I realised how popular it was after LADbible posted an article about it. I realised people were interested so thought I’d dedicate more time to it. 

Have you ever looked up or been offered a challenge and just thought – no way?

Hahah, plenty of times. Anywhere can put on a food challenge – but I’m all about the quality too. I wouldn’t post about a food challenge at a restaurant/cafe I wouldn’t personally go to myself. Sometimes the food challenges are just far too big – even for people in the competitive eating industry it would be a struggle for them. And I’m not a competitive eater so I know roughly where my limits are.

Would you tackle some Ghost Peppers again?

Ghost peppers weren’t actually ‘tooooo’ bad. I attempted a naga viper chilli challenge a few years ago which I would never do again unless I got paid serious SERIOUS money for it haha

What have you got lined up for 2020?

I recently did a 48 hour food tour of Newcastle Upon Tyne which blew up more than I expected it too. So I’m trying to get some more food tours booked in at the minute. In regards to challenges – I still haven’t got anything properly planned as of yet but I will want to do one in the next couple of months for sure.

Aside from eating what have you been watching, listening to, or reading recently? Any recommendations?

I won’t lie – I want to get more into reading again and have only just asked my friend from home for some recommendations (she’s really knowledgable about trending books). But I’m rewatching Brooklyn 99 on Netflix at the moment waiting for the next series to come to the UK haha

And as we are on the subject of eating what about any places you have eaten at recently you recommend?

I’ve recently just been to an incredible restaurant called Blacklock which could possibly be one of the best roast dinners I’ve EVER had. Also I returned to a favourite burger restaurant of mine which is Burger and Beyond

Finally, what is your tip of the day?

If you can be anything in this world – be kind. 

I feel after everything that happened with Caroline Flack, it’s hit everyone much harder than ever expected and I really hope that people will become kinder towards each other.

Some wise words from Kate and also some yummy restaurant recommendations too (which we are excited to check out)! If you want to find out more about what Kate is up to you can follow her on here Twitter @KateOvens and her Instagram @Kate.Ovens !

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