INTERVIEW: David Firth

Back in 2004 David Firth released his first of a series of flash animation episodes based around a creepy character named Salad Fingers. Those that know, know. The character is somewhat of a cult icon and Firth has gone on to create some other great iconic pieces of animation (please check out Cream which would be very handy currently). We were lucky enough to have a quick chat with him.

It’s been almost 16 years since the creation of Salad Fingers, what has life been like since then?

Well it stopped being a hobby at exactly that point, so life has generally been focused around making more stuff and keeping my audience engaged. I’m very thankful to have not had to do any soulless jobs as I really hate wasting time.

What were the things that influenced your style back in 2004 and what people and trends influence you today?

It was South Park and Chris Morris mainly that influenced me back then. Internet animation and comedy was so fresh it felt like a completely blank canvas. These days it’s all about concept videos and challenges. Not much creative fiction any more. I suppose I’m so disconnected from that world it inspires me to be more me.

Are your dreams still haunted by this image?

You are taking Salad Fingers for a night out in July for an evening showing all 11 ‘mind melting’ episodes with a Q&A at the end – tell us a bit more about the event.

I did a few screenings last year and was surprised by people’s interest and how well they went. I’ve never really witnessed a large group of people watching my stuff. There’s something unpredictable about letting a whole audience just throw questions out. It becomes a conversation. I used to not like being on stage but I guess I learnt to get over it.

You did a music video for Flying Lotus that featured David Lynch – how did this come about?

I try to avoid doing music videos but they asked nicely. Probably won’t do any more.

Salad Fingers aside, you have been busy with some of your side projects, notably the new album release of Toyboxica (as Locust Toybox) what else can we expect in 2020?

Toyboxica is a collection of old tracks. The new album was called The Eyelid Recording. I just wake up and make stuff every day. It depends how I feel on each particular day. I try not to announce things any more until they are definitely going to be released.

What have you been listening to, watching, or reading recently?

Mainly CCTV footage. Whatever I can get my hands on. It’s all good stuff.

Finally, what is your tip of the day?

Stop watching shit TV

Do you remember being ‘spooned’ out by Salad Fingers?

To watch more of David’s work you can follow his YouTube channel and you can also find him on Twitter @David_Firth

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