INTERVIEW: Heavy Lungs

We got to speak to Oli from Heavy Lungs this week to see how the band were doing and what their plans are amongst this bizarre time in our lives!

Heavy Lungs are a Bristol based band formed back in 2017 – they have spent time touring with their close friend’s Idles (you might even recognise the name of their lead singer – Danny Nedelko from the famed Idles track) and just finished a successful tour back in Autumn 2019.

The world is all a bit topsy turvy at the moment – what have you guys been up to to keep bit of normality to it all?

I think the key is to keep showered, keep eating healthy and keep doing exercise whenever possible. If you go out, don’t be a prick and stand in hoards of people (If you can avoid it, which most people can!)And… learn an instrument, even if you play guitar or whatever, use the time to cleanse your mind.

What can your fans do to help out?

Buy bands’ merch and digital releases, keep plugging them and keep listening!

Heavy Lung’s most recent music video from their Measure EP

Is there plans to work on another EP?
We’ll we have plenty of time on our hands now so… yes!

Lots of people are live streaming shows which could be something that might catch on in the future. Whats your thoughts on this and do you have any planned?
Not all of us are in the same city so probably not, but we’ll try and do something nice!

What have you been reading/listening to/watching recently – what are your recommendations?
I’ve been reading Jonathan Van Ness’s book, listening to a lot of Wilco and been watching as much trash TV as possible.

Finally, what is your tip of the day?
Tip of the day is to stay home!

We look forward to hearing what the boys might conjure up in this time of lockdown! You too can keep up to date with them and most importantly support them by following them on their twitter @Heavylungsband, their instagram @heavylungsband and of course their website to go buy a piece of merch or check out all their music –

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