One of the reasons we started this blog was to share our discovery of new bands and music, and we are delighted to have gotten the chance to discover Brighton-based Indie band, Thrillhouse,

We love their quirky, indie-disco sound, and think they are destined for great things. We challenge you to listen to their track ‘One of These Days’ and not tap your feet along! We got to speak to band member Greg to tell us a little bit more about them…

Tell us a bit about yourselves!

Ah that’s a hard question to answer. Especially first. Couldn’t you have started with a softball question like Do you prefer Cats or Dogs? or Do you like films? etc. I’ll give it my best. Ok here we go… We are a band from Brighton.

Perfect! Who are your influences or inspirations for your music?

I’d say, and I can’t speak for the other guys but, we try to fly as close to Talking Heads as we can without people realising. Please keep that between you and me ðŸ˜‰. I really like LCD Soundsystem. The driven, repetitive thing is something we use a lot. Most of the tunes are based around 1 idea, copied and pasted for 3.5 mins then sung over. Keep it simple. That’s what I always say.

You have two excellent tracks already released – what can we expect next?
Thank you. Glad you like them. Erm…I predict a rapid decline in quality culminating in a social media meltdown. The next ones a sad one. The one after is a happy one. The one after that is undecided but I reckon it’ll be another happy one. So on balance, the next few songs will be two thirds happy. 

Are you finding the self isolation easier to be creative or harder?

I’m a hermit by nature so this has been alright for me. Creatively it’s been great. We’ve finished about 5 songs that have been kicking around for ages. Whether they’re any good, i don’t know but a finished turd song is better than an unfinished work of genius. Maybe. Jackie B. Nielsen (the B stands for Boy) wrote a song about being in isolation, which I specifically asked him not to. He did it anyway, against my orders. Turns out I was wrong and he was right, as it’s really good. I am yet to apologise. I have said that there are to be no more songs about isolation. I feel there will be enough of those in 6 months.

Tell us more about the videos you have made for the tracks?

I’d rather not as they were a nightmare to make… but as you’ve asked… The first one was supposed to look like an old megadrive driving game vibes. In my head, it was going to look really cool and slick. It became apparent after about 5 minutes that silly was the way to go. We spent about 8 hours painting the road and sticking toys onto a giant roll of paper. Jackie B. Nielsen (the B stands for boy) hovered the car, puppet style over the paper and me and Alistair pulled it. Was a right faff. The second one was Linerider. A semi fun game I used to play on the school computers. Took a month of us all drawing it when we had five mins. Except for Alistair actually. He did nothing. That’s about it for that one. Fun for half-hour. Got some fun ideas for the next few. 

What have you been watching, listening to or reading recently that you have been loving? Any recommendations?

I don’t really ever stray too far from ABBA and AC/DC. Good for all occasions. ESPECIALLY drinking alone in isolation. That’s when Thunderstruck really shines. Watching eh?!? Well that’s a different story entirely. I’ve watched everything on Netflix…TWICE! This includes the Tiger King program. That is by far the best TV show I’ve seen since I started watching TV, and that was ages ago. My old favourite TV program was Making a Murderer (series 1, of course) but I think Tiger Man might have taken the top spot. I did a really funny tweet about it. No one liked it. But then again, they never do. Waste of time really.

Finally, what is your tip of the day?

Tinned fish

We are really excited to see what comes next from the band!

To keep up to date with them you can follow them on twitter @Thrillhouseok and their facebook page Thrillhouse

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