FEATURE: 5 Weird Movies to distract your mind … PART ONE

These days we’re all spoilt for choice on what to watch, and sometimes it’s hard to know where to start, or where to find something original that you haven’t already seen. With all this free time on our hands – and a lot going on in the world that is playing on our minds – we thought you might need some distraction.

So, today at Minnis2Society HQ, we have part one of some suggestions for films we loved that are a little different…a little odd…a little quirky…to take your mind off everything that is going on for a couple of hours. Be transported to the weird, wonderful, surreal and peculiar, and sometimes downright creepy.

The following recommendations all come with a warning…watch at your own risk 😉
If you took the plunge with one or more of these, then we would love to hear your thoughts so please leave us a comment.

THE GREASY STRANGLER – Prosthetic penises, a serial killer covered in grease, and some people shouting ‘I call bullshit’ at each other. It is really hard to decide where to even begin with this wonderfully oddball bit of cinema. The music will grate you, the characters make you want to give yourself a good clean after, and then there is a story – somewhere – deep in inside it. Jim Hosking’s movie is born to be a cult classic but it will test you…

The Greasy Strangler Review | Movie - Empire
How could you not be intrigued when there is an image like this from the movie – The Greasy Strangler

SORRY TO BOTHER YOU – Boots Riley’s offering has one of our favourite actors leading the way – Lakeith Stanfield – with Tessa Thompson in support. It starts out relatively quirky, with a man who starts learning how to earn the big bucks by doing telesales in a different voice. What happens next is quite frankly mind blowing, like genuinely you will be mopping up your brain by the end of it. It is utterly brilliant.

Watch Sorry to Bother You | Prime Video

IN FABRIC – So let us just be straight with you. This movie is really about a murderous dress – that’s correct – you have not misread that. There is also a lot more going on metaphorically about consumerism and such – it is totally bizarre and wonderful with a stellar performance from Marianne Jean Baptiste. Please do check out the directors other movies too – Berbian Sound Studio and The Duke of Normandy.

Review: High Fashion And Dark Comedy, 'In Fabric' : NPR
The excellent Marianne Jean Baptiste is a little unsure about her new purchase – In Fabric

HORSE GIRL – If Alison Brie is in something than you can 100% guarantee we are on board too – so it was a certainly a challenge to get through this peculiar yet incredibly deep movie (because when you go beyond the bat shit craziness of this it is a rather devastating movie about schizophrenia) without feeling disloyal to Alison. Naturally she shines!

Google.Docs [[ Horse Girl 2020 ]] Full♡Movie - Horse Girl 2020 ...
You can catch Horse Girl on Netflix

THE SQUARE – Fans who might have caught the excellent Force Majure (which recently got re-made as ‘Downhill’ with Will Ferrell) will be aware of Ruben Ostlund’s debut and how wonderfully brilliant he is at creating awkward moments to make you squirm.

The Square is another example of this, and much more, as Claus Bang Christian (that is his real name and he is utterly brilliant in this), gets deeper and deeper into trouble from the smallest of situations. This is a favourite here at Minnis2Society and we highly recommend watching both Ruben’s movies!

The Square review – an archly entertaining swipe at the art world ...
This moment will stay with you a long time – The Square

Watch out for PART TWO next month! In the meantime let us know if you are fans of these films or if you watched them for the first time what did you think of them? What are your favourite strange movies to captivate the mind?

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