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Save Me Too, the second series of Save Me, is finally here and you can expect everything you experienced from the first season (and then some)! We got to speak to actress Remmie Milner who plays Daisy in the show about the new season:

We can’t believe it has been just over two years since the release of Save Me – what
can we expect from season 2?

It kicks off 17 months later and some things have changed whereas others are still in
limbo… Lennie is still on the hunt for his daughter Jody, and meeting more people along
the way. Including Jennifer played by Lesley Manville who is a very exciting addition to the series. The character of Grace played by Olivia Gray takes a more central role too,
completely different in character but both under Nelly’s watchful eye. Things really ramp up in this series, there is more action, definitely more twists and turns, and I can guarantee you will be on the edge of your seat. It continues to try and expose the bleak underground world, whilst also sticking with our everyday characters and juggling their lives too. We’re still on the South London estates and yes we’re 100% back in The Palm Tree pub!

Where does season two of the series pick up for our characters?
Most of the characters start on quite a fun note with Nelly having a big birthday in episode one, people want to wish him Congrats. Of course this is Nelson Rowe so things don’t quite go to plan, and that sets the tone as things start to unravel even more. Nelly is still set on his mission to find Jody, those close to him on the estate know this and try to help steer it as best they can. Daisy and Goz, played by Thomas Coombes, get very involved.
Their number one priority has and always will be their family, to protect what they’ve
worked hard to achieve and grow. Daisy definitely feels like she’s managing three children
at points, as Goz can’t say no to Nelly. He’s his best mate and wants to help him out
wherever possible. But we see in this series things go a step too far and Daisy puts her
foot down. She loves Goz and doesn’t want him to be pulled any deeper in to Nelly’s
troubles, but also as much a Nelly tests her patience he is like family too. It can feel like
there’s a fine balance between helping out those your closest too without sacrificing too
much of your own.

Second from left is Remmie playing Daisy with her man Goz

The cast in the series is absolutely fantastic – how does it feel rubbing shoulders
with a who’s who of British television?

They are the creme de la creme aren’t they, and the nicest bunch! Lennie James, Suranne
Jones, Stephen Graham, Lesley Manville, Susan Lynch, Jason Flemyng, Adrian
Edmonson, Kerry Godliman… World Productions and Sky were not messing around when
they cast this! It is like watching a masterclass up close. What was lovely the first time
round is because a lot of these absolute pros have worked together before they’ve got a
natural rhythm from the off which really bleeds in to the work, and inspires the rest of us so so much. So for the second series we picked right back up from there, and there’s never been ego on set – everyone works hard to really honour Lennie’s brilliant writing (which is almost like poetry at times, a lot of freedom in that). It’s a very special set to be on, not only are you surrounded by very intuitive focused actors, everyone is playful too it’s an ideal environment to be in. When rehearsing or filming there is improvisation that often happens around the scene, which is so brilliant to find the flow of your character and the truthful connection to what you’re saying.

What is it that you think the audience connects to in this show despite the subject
matter being so dark?

Save Me is grounded in reality. We see these characters in everyday life, whether it’s
someone you’d buy a pint for or someone you pass in a street outside their lovely home.
We connect with this world and the fact that is not perfect, each character has their issues that they’re working through. They are humans trying to juggle life, to make the most of everything that’s thrown their way. The very dark underworld that is happening, feels like anchors Nelly, and all people who become aware or connected to it, in the real life stakes of the need to help others. Save Me has always been an everyday person fighting for what is right, an unpredictable hero trying to make the world a better place.

We know Nelly’s famous yellow puffa is back but can you let on whether his
ringtone is?

It is back!! Just like his infamous jacket, I don’t think that will be changing any time soon.
Not only is that ringtone brilliant because it’s so Nelly, it is also voiced by the director of
Series 1 Nick Murphy which adds a whole other level of fun every time it goes off.. which is a lot.

Lennie James in the infamous yellow puffa

Aside from all the excitement of being involved in Save Me Too – what have you
been watching, listening to or reading recently that you have been loving? Any

There’s so much to soak up in all these catergories. Staying home is providing us with an
opportunity to do this too, and it’s amazing how many shows/art etc we have access too.
Watching… My most recent watch is In My Skin on BBC Three, a drama exploring the
affects of Bi-Polar on a family. It’s something I don’t often see on screen, the mother
played with such vulnerability and rawness by Jo Hartley. Listening.. I loved listening to the BBC’s Great British Singlaong, a handful of BBC radio stations play a song in dedication to our key workers, this is happening weekly. This morn was the likes of Wonderwall and Lean On Me, I was texting a friend teary eyed from my kitchen imagining so many people singing their hearts out across the country, all in huge thanks to the nurses and the NHS. Wonderful.

Reading… I am about to finish Michelle Obama’s Becoming, and what a read it’s been, it takes you on such a journey. It also feels very powerful having her inspiring voice at the moment, an encouragement to implement the change we wish to see and the
importance of looking after one another.

Finally, what is your tip of the day?
A close friend said to me recently, “Don’t forget to look up’. Take a moment to yourself and look at the sky. In a time of uncertainty and frequently changing emotions, having that sense of space and calm can re-balance you. I did it in the park this morning while walking my dog, I saw lots of parakeets on high tree branches. Nature doing it’s thing.. Lovely.

Catch both season of the show on Sky or Now TV

Thank you to Remmie for taking the time to speak to us (and also for that brilliant piece of inside knowledge on the ringtone)!

If you haven’t seen the show yet then you need to get your skates on and get watching!

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