When the King of Horror himself, Stephen King, goes on record to rate a movie with an A- on Twitter, you certainly take notice and are aware that you might be onto something special. This rating was given to ‘Sea Fever’ – a new creepy thriller we watched this week.

BAFTA-winning Irish filmaker Neasa Hardiman, who has previously directed the series Happy Valley and the much overlooked (but brilliant) Jessica Jones, is behind this engaging science-fiction horror thriller – that is also all too timely given the current pandemic. The threat of a killer virus, the need to keep a distance from those affected, the theme of quarantine – it sounds all too familiar – and throw that all on to a broken-down boat on the West Irish coast and we guarantee you are in for a tense ride!

Hermione Corfield stars as a marine biology student who is begrudgingly packed off onto a fishing trawler to do some research. On board she has Dougray Scott’s character, Gerard, and Connie Nielsen as Freya, who are both in charge of the vessel. Gerard and Freya, along with their crew, aren’t as welcoming as you might expect…especially when they realise she is a red head (in boating myths and superstition, this is not a good omen!).

Hermione Corfield’s Siobhan gets a lukewarm reception on the trawler

Having not been out at sea that long, they encounter an object that maroons the boat and with further investigation they realise that a parasite has latched itself to the boat causing all manner of challenges – especially when it gets itself into the water supply!

The tagline describes this movie as ‘The Abyss’ meets ‘The Thing’ and though there are nods towards both these movies, it definitely stands alone as its own original story. It feels like there is more science and realism which makes it a rather haunting premise.

Ardalan Esmaili particularly caught our eye as the ships mechanic, Omid

We enjoyed this movie a lot, the pace is perfect, and it’s carried by a great cast (we must pay mention to Ardalan Esmaili who plays the ship’s mechanic Omid, who was exceptionally impressive). Days after watching it is will stick with you and resonant – especially in its relevancy for our current times.

We highly recommend you give Sea Fever a watch this weekend!

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