This week we caught up with electronic music maestro Tor to discuss his work with the incredible Illnoize album which he released back in 2009, and how work has been going on his new album!

Before looking forward, we wanted to take a step back and talk about ‘Illinoize’ (one of our favourite albums of all time) – can you talk us through a little history lesson of how this project came to fruition?
Thank you – I made that back in 2009, I was looking to make some sort of cohesive remix project and was inspired by Danger Mouse’s Grey album, Jaydiohead and the “Sometimes I rhyme slow” Jose Gonzales mashup albums that were popular then. I was a big Sufjan Stevens fan and heard a lot of openings for samples in his music and had access to some hip hop acapellas so put it all together.

Were you involved with the choice of rappers joining the project too?
They were some bootleg acapellas of rap vocals that I had found online, so I definitely chose less mainstream rappers that went well with Sufjan.

if you haven’t heard this check out by following the link HERE

Has there ever been consideration to revisit this concept and any albums you would love to work your magic on?
Soon after illinoize came out I was playing around a bit trying to do something with artists like Iron & wine or bon iver that didn’t quite work out, but ended up remixing one song with final fantasy and q tip. After that I never ended up revising the idea and moved on to writing my own music.    

In December you said you were back in the studio – how much closer are we to some new Tor material?
Close now, I’m on the home stretch with a new album and hope to have it out by the end of the year

We are big fans of the Origins and Sunday Morning Playlists you have going on Spotify – will you keep on adding these or might be due a new creation?
For sure I’m adding on to these as I find new music that fits, and I’ll be continuing the origins mixed versions along with the new album as well, you can hear the first three on soundcloud

What have you been listening to, watching, and reading recently? What recommendations have you got?
I’ve been really into instrumental piano music lately, creating a calm atmosphere in my place in the mornings before I get in the studio. Anything by Nils Fram, Olafur Arnalds, Otto Tottland and Luke Howard. Also been watching the “Tales From The Loop” series which is is phenomenal, and adapted from Simon Stålenhag’s art which is some of my favourite.

Finally, what is your tip of the day?
Wash your hands!

We are really excited to hear Tor’s new album and it gives us something to look forward to at the end of the year! To keep up to date with Tor’s you can follow him on Twitter here: @TorMusicwe also highly recommend you check out his Spotify profile which we have linked at the bottom of the page! Enjoy!

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