Last week saw the release of George’s debut album ‘White Out’ (which we highly recommend checking out)! We got to speak to George about making the album, and duetting with the awesome Bess Atwell.

You have recently released your debut album ‘White Out’ – tell us more about the album and your sound (for those that may not know)?

This album is quite raw and vulnerable, ‘White Out’ documents a painful time for me and that was something I tried to illustrate through the production as well as the songs themselves, it’s lo-fi, distorted and heavier than anything I’ve done before. I’ve wanted to escape from the ‘acoustic singer/songwriter’ bubble that I can still be boxed into, bands that influenced my sound the most over the period of this record are probably Radiohead and The National, Jeff Buckley too.

Was the production of the album difficult with issues of lock down recently or was this ready to go before?

The albums been ready for a while so luckily it didn’t interfere with the process, it’s worked out to be quite a nice time to release.

What is your next move now – when the world gets back to normal – might we see a tour?

I’d hope so, I’m trying not to look too far ahead at the moment, I just want to keep creating.

You duet with the brilliant Bess Atwell – how did your collaboration with her come about?

Bess and I have been friends for years and I featured on her debut too, she’s also one of my favourite singers and writers and when ‘Mood Painting’ was in it’s early stages I knew that the story was one Bess could offer something on. Her presence on the song is what makes it.

What have you been listening to, reading, or watching recently during this lock down – any great recommendations?

I just started reading ‘Sum’ by David Eagleman and it’s genius, it’s made up of short hypothetical scenarios of the after life.
Music wise all sorts, I’m enjoying Ed O’Briens new record ‘Earth’, I’ve also been rediscovering Pavement’s ‘Wowee Zowee’, Talking Heads and Red House Painters. 
If you’re a horror fan I’d recommend ‘Hush’.

Finally, what is your top tip of the day?

If you can’t change a situation, you can always change how you respond to it.

‘White Out’ is out now so be sure to give it a listen and get supporting George – you can buy the vinyl by following this link HERE. You can follow him on twitter @george_ogilvie and on Instagram @georgeogilvie

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