You may or may not have figured this out, but over here at Minnis2Society HQ we do love our beats, (amongst many other genres)! We find them excellent for helping us chill out or focus on work. So we got excited to check out Richard Griffith’s work when he reached out to us through Instagram (thanks for the heads up Vice Beats!) – We had a chat to Richard, which you can check out below…

For those that might not have discovered you yet, tell us who you are and how would you best describe your sound?

I’m a 24 year-old based in Oxford and about to move to London, who generally takes a bit of DIY approach producing and recording most of the music myself. I originally trained in classical piano and taught myself guitar throughout my teens, before getting deeper into jazz and electronic music whilst at university (where I’ve just finished studying medicine).

As for my sound I’d say it’s overall quite mellow and dark, with a fairly broad mix of different styles and influences including jazz, hip-hop and house. A bit of a blend of all the stuff I’m in to basically!

Your new album ‘Percepts’ is out now – tell us some more about it and how you went about its production?

I worked on the album over the last 2 years squeezed into my time finishing uni, originally starting out as an EP before gradually expanding into a full LP. I tended to start each track differently, usually after coming up with an idea just playing around – sometimes starting with chords, sometimes a melody, sometimes drums. The initial ideas would usually come quickly, but I’d often end up spending hours tweaking different sounds..

With this release I also aimed to incorporate a lot more textures to create richer soundscapes, and there are a number of field recordings on the album which I’d often just record on my phone while out. I think this was inspired by a number of a records I was listening to at the time like Leon Vynehall’s ‘Nothing is still’. I’m a big fan of the sense of atmosphere it gives. I also got a bit deeper into synthesis after re-discovering my dad’s old Juno synth which I used in quite a few tracks.

Richard’s new album ‘Percepts’ – hit the image above to listen!

You got some great collaborations on the album too – how did these come about?

Lila reached out over Soundcloud and after listening to her stuff I loved her voice straight away – we sent ideas back and forth for a while before finalising our track ‘Passing’. For Lester I’d been a big fan of his music and project 2nd Exit for a long time, and the label I’ve released the album on (College Music) helped put us in touch! Very excited to have both of them on the album.

What is something you are looking forward to most when we finally return to some normality?

Well I normally spend a good chunk of my time locked away making music anyway so not sure a huge amount will change… Looking forward to going to gigs again though and simple things like the pub.

Besides that I’m actually about to start work as a doctor in the next couple of months so I wouldn’t complain if things could quickly return to normal before then!

What have you been listening to, reading, or watching recently during this lock down – any great recommendations?

I’ve been working my through Charlie Kauffman’s films finally – particularly enjoyed Synecdoche, New York and Adaptation so far, although perhaps not the most light-hearted of films so be warned! 

Listening-wise I’ve been digging the new 44th Move release (a collab between Alfa Mist and Richard Spaven), as well as Nick Hakim’s recent singles. Also been listening to a band called Fieh from Norway – walked past them playing at a festival a couple of years ago and had them on repeat ever since.

I’ve been reading Ted Chiang’s Stories of your life and others, a book of short stories with one of them forming the basis for the film Arrival – been a fun one to dip in and out of.

And obviously I had to binge watch Tiger King..

Finally, what is your top tip of the day?

Get a dog – it gives a good excuse to get outside and walk laps of the block without looking slightly crazy.

Aw, we would love a dog!!!
Thanks to Richard for the interview – Get following and supporting Richard on his Instagram – @Richard_Griffith and check out his album by following the link HERE !

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