Jason Moore AKA Raw Poetic talks to us about his new collaboration album ‘Ocean Bridgeswhich is being released in a couple of weeks! We discuss the sound he has gone for with the album, which includes bringing onboard a more jazzy element by introducing his uncle Archie Shepp, his work with Damu The Fudgemunk and more. Check it out…

For those that may not know you tell us who you are and how you best describe your sound?

Hey. I’m  Raw Poetic. I started with a group called RPM (Restoring Poetry in Music), moved on to Panacea, been working with Damu and Redefinition Records for over a decade now, and I have done an album with K-Def and Kev Brown in the process. Originally from Philly, but I represent VA. Northern VA to be exact.

You have been a busy man this year with the release of the lofi/hiphop ‘Moment of Change’ project in April, and now a further album being released next month! Have these plans been a long time in the works?

Moment of Change was done this year. I actually finished the first track on the project (George the Animal) a week before the album dropped. 

The Archie Shepp project, that was a long process that we started putting together in February of 2019. We recorded it last August though. Damu and I are always planning though. It’s good to see everything coming together now.

With the new album you’re back with Damu The Fudgemunk, and this time you also have Archie Shepp onboard who brings the elements of Jazz/Saxophone into the mix- tell us more about his involvement.

Archie is my mother’s oldest brother, so I’ve been aware of what my uncle does for a long time. He’s stayed in touch with me and given me pointers all throughout my career. So this last time when I told him we should do something together, he agreed. 

His sound was something to behold. I never heard a sax sound the way he made it sound. And the accompanying musicians we chose to have with us, really gave a sound that blended the future and the pass. It was an experience.

From Left to Right – Raw Poetic, Archie Shepp, and Damu The Fudgemunk

Your new music video for ‘Learning to Breathe’ from the project has been released – who directed it and where did the (slightly un-foreseen) idea come about?

My cousin Stephen Knox (@distortedvisions) directed it. He did an album cover for me about two years ago for a project called Paging Mother Earth, where I had a bag over my head, and he painted that face on it.

So this time, he said let’s do a video with it. Therfore, throughout the video, after I pop the bag, it goes from gas mask to bag head. It was meant to be a play on the idea of a rebirth of style. The first thing a kid has to do once it’s born is learn how to breathe. So we were somewhere in that space at the time. 

Do you still have your gas masks at home now for lockdown? 😉

Lol! Yes! A lot of people think the video is about Covid 19, but we had no idea the world would be like this a month after shooting.

What have you been listening to, reading, or watching recently during this lock down – any great recommendations?

Sure. Umm, I love the new Fiona Apple album. I was listening to all her stuff recently because I was in the mood. Then she dropped that and I was like, cool!

Working on a lot of stuff for Damu and myself. I’m always working.

And I’m reading The Paper Menagerie, The Hidden Girl, and Exhalation. They’re all books full of short stories. I don’t have time to invest in a novel right now.

Finally, what is your top tip of the day?

Every day laugh, do something creative, and shut the fuck up and listen.

We are really looking forward to the release of the album which is coming on the 22nd Mayto keep up to date on Raw Poetic and his future releases you can get following him on Twitter @RawPoetic and Instagram @RawPoetic ! You can check out an interview we did with Damu The Fudgemunk right HERE

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