NEW MUSIC FEATURE: Tristan de Liège

In our first New Music Friday feature of the day we speak to LA-based artist Tristan De Liege about his upcoming album and current single release – ‘Horizons’

For those that don’t know you tell us who you are…

I am an electronic music producer and composer based in Los Angeles. 

Is it true you have many other alter egos in the music industry under other names?

Yes, I have several projects, which kind of represent my different musical inspirations and styles that I like. Among these are my Tethys project, which explores post-rock and neo-classical elements, with a rotating cast of violinists. Another is my project Thoma with a longtime friend and collaborator Askanse which is more techno and house based and is more experimental. I also compose music for independent films and games from time to time.

How would you best describe the sound you create?

In all my projects I am striving to strike a balance between electronic sound design through sampling and synthesis, and organic imperfections and texture. My main project incorporates a lot of jazz and classical influences in terms of instrumentation and sometimes in chord progressions, but largely they are all intended to defy genre and hence simple description.

You released new track ‘Horizons’ with Cameo Adele featuring on guest vocals – are there future collaborations in the pipeline? Might we see an album this year too?

Yes, so that track is the first single from my upcoming album ‘Usawa,’ which will be released May 29th. There are several other tracks with Cameo and another vocalist Onyi on that album. I’m always seeking out new collaborations with vocalists because I find it really reinvigorates my excitement and love for music and brings out elements that can be surprising and interesting.

What have you been listening to, reading, or watching recently during this lock down – any great recommendations?

I’ve been reading the Walter Isaacson biography of Leonardo da Vinci which I’ve found super inspiring. His whole approach to life was trying to find interesting connections and integrations between all sorts of fields and observations – art and anatomy, engineering and biology, architecture and painting. I think as electronic musicians in today’s world we are in a special position to have access to all sorts of knowledge and viewpoints that we can integrate into our methods and experiments. 

In terms of music, I really like Nicolas Jaar’s most recent album, I find his sound design really inspiring and calming – it has a lot of the organic imperfection that I really strive for in my music. Alfa Mist also released a solo piano EP that I’ve found very inspiring as I am learning more about jazz piano.

Check out one of Tristan’s earlier music videos above for ‘Laure’

Finally, what is your top tip of the day?

In the context of a world facing increasing anxiety and uncertainty, appreciating art (both creating and enjoying it) is an eternal source of calm and solace.

You can check out Tristan’s incredible work over on Spotify by hitting this link HERE and you can follow all his work and releases by checking out his Facebook page @TristanDeLiegethe perfect way to see in the bank holiday weekend with his beats!

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