A few years back we headed off to see the brilliant Mr Jukes perform and managed to catch their support act – a chap who went by the name of Cosmo Sheldrake. We were quickly hypnotised by what we could only best describe as ‘David Attenborough meets Bonobo beats’ – in that he records the sounds of animals and birds and then applies beats and vocals over them. We got to talk to Cosmo to see what he has been up to recently.

You have such a magical and unique sound, for those that might not have discovered you yet how would you best describe it?

i find it hard to describe what kind of music it is as it combines lots of different influences and approaches, but i often describe it as a kind of collage. As that seems to describe the way in which it is made often. 

It has been a couple of years since your wonderful debut – ‘The Much Much How How and I’ – might we expect some more new music this year?

I am currently on lock down in a little cottage off the grid in Dorset. My little studio is powered by solar panels and batteries, which makes it a little hard to make things as i usually would as every two hours or so i have to shut everything down and switch batteries, which slightly disrupts the flow. But I do hope to keep making and releasing music in the oncoming months. I am slowly gathering bits and bobs towards a new album, and also making lots of music out of bird song, as i am surrounded by bird song at the moment. 

Have you found that in this particular moment in our lives a useful time to be creative?

I think it is a potentially good opportunity to get creative, given that normal life as we know it has ground to a halt. Its an important time to think outside the box. Also a good time to collaborate i think, as so many people who are usually running around being busy are now not so busy, and many jobs and plans that were upcoming have all been postponed or cancelled. 

Cosmo Sheldrake – Evening Chorus (Live in the Bluebells)

We’ve always wanted to know – are there any specific animals/insects that you have yet to sample but are desperate to?

Many! hard to even put my finger on specifics. The world is just soo full of glorious sounds, many of which I have yet to encounter. 

What have you been listening to, reading, or watching recently during this lock down – any great recommendations?

i have been reading The Soundscape by Murray Schaffer, the Old Ways by Robert Mcfarlane, the Poetics of Space by Gaston Bachelard, and some Yeats poems. 

Finally, what is your top tip of the day?

learn to bake sourdough bread! i have spent the last few weeks getting really into baking, and finding it very rewarding. 

Cosmo Sheldrake’s – Wriggle from his 2018 album

If you haven’t yet discovered Cosmo then we highly recommend a listen you can find out more on the talented artist by checking out his website here Cosmo Sheldrake and it is also worth checking out his You Tube videos which you can find HERE .

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