So you might have heard about a little show called ‘Normal People’ which is currently airing on BBC iPlayer. As well as being a fantastic TV adaption that has caught everyone’s attention, it also boasts an absolutely brilliant soundtrack. One of the bands featured on there is the excellent Cloth…

For those that might not have discovered you yet tell us who you are and how would you best describe your sound?

We’re a Glasgow-based three-piece who make quite minimal alternative pop/rock music.

You are formed as a three piece with two of you as twins – does it help being so in tune with one another?

Absolutely. We find that composing is quite an intuitive process and a lot of the time we’ll be developing each other’s ideas. It’s especially useful having that connection as it means we’re often on the same page when it comes to what kind of sounds we’re chasing in the studio.

You released your debut album last year – what have been your plans for 2020 and have they been hindered by the current situation?

We had our first headline tour of the country planned for 2020 – it was actually due to kick off just around now but unfortunately had to be cancelled. We’re in the process of re-scheduling the shows which is good as we’re really missing playing live. One good thing that has come out of the lockdown is the time we’ve had to work on a few different projects, including recording a cover version of a track by Annie Booth for our label’s upcoming compilation album The Isolation Sessions, as well as beginning the writing of our second album.

‘Old Bear’ that features on the Normal People soundtrack – performed live for BBC Introducing

Your track ‘Old Bear’ features in the much talked about Normal People series – were you aware that the track was being featured and familiar with the book the show is based on?

We were actually familiar with the book beforehand yes. Our publisher had gotten in touch a few months before the show’s release with the news and we were really excited as we’re big fans of Sally Rooney. We’re hoping that they turn Conversations With Friends into a show as well as that’s such a good book!

What have  you been listening to, reading, or watching under this lockdown? Any great recommendations for us?

Watch-wise we’ve just started Westworld. I think we’re a bit late to the party with it but are enjoying it so far (anything with Ed Harris is normally pretty good). I (Paul) watched Paddleton with some friends last night and would advise anyone who wants to have a good cry to do the same. Book-wise I’m almost finished an old sci-fi novel from the 70’s called Inverted World – it’s an amazing story about a psychedelic world and a huge city on wheels that is super-engrossing.

I (Rachael) really loved Mae Martin’s Feel Good on Channel 4. I just thought the writing, the acting and casting was brilliant. I wish all TV was this good. I’ve also been getting into Curb Your Enthusiasm recently. I was never really into it before because of how chaotic and cringe it was but I seem to have done a 180 and now thats what I really like about it. I’ve also started a weekly listening party with my cousins and we listened to an album this week called Nachtlicht by a Dutch artist called Eefje de Visser. I hadn’t heard of her before but she’s really good – some really well thought out beats and interesting melodies. 

Finally, what is your tip of the day?

You can order beer online. Not so much a tip as an obvious fact but I never conceived of this magical thing until lockdown.

Make sure you go and listen to Cloth’s brilliant debut album – it is a superb piece of work! You can find out more on the band by following them here on Instagram @Cloth_Band and their Facebook page here Cloth Band. We are really excited to see what comes next and one day catching them live!

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