Inspiring Women: Founders of Peach House

Peach House is a talent management and production house, founded in 2019 by two women. They represent UK-based and international emerging and established talent, including many from our beloved Nordic countries; combining their years of experience in the industry to nurture relationships with actors, writers, directors and musicians.

We speak to the women behind this newly built business to find out more about the talent they work with, the challenges of running the company, and where they like to travel:

What brought the pair of you together to form this female founded talent and production house?

We worked together in London at management and production company 42 and pretty swiftly became firm friends. We both left in 2017. George took some time off to travel to Central and South America while Rowena worked with Director Yorgos Lanthimos on his Oscar winning film “The Favourite” and was an Associate Producer on the film “Teen Spirit” by Max Minghella (his directorial debut) which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and was released in the U.S. by Lionsgate.  At the same time, Rowena began developing projects on her own slate. George returned in 2018 and set up her own management company and by Christmas last year, we decided to join forces. We share the same values and work ethic and love working together so it felt like a natural progression to come together and create something that embodied those values. It also appeared to us that opportunities for a female-lead company had grown significantly.

And what makes Peach House unique?

It would have to be our hands on, bespoke approach to each of our clients and their goals within the industry. We cover global opportunities, with a unique emphasis on international talent and multi-hyphenates. Our goal is to work hand-in-hand with each client to help them realise their potential, and we are present each step of the way. We both love thinking outside the box to help ideas come to life, and our shared experiences across casting, management, development and production, and Rowena’s work getting projects off the ground, makes us a unique home for ambitious talent.

Your talent has a very strong Scandinavian and Icelandic presence is there a connection with these particular places?

George – I can’t claim any Scandinavian or Icelandic heritage but I’ve been watching Scandinavian films and tv shows for over a decade and have always found the talent to be extremely focused, hard- working, diligent and insightful.  This put me in a lucky position as Scandinavian content moved more and more to the forefront of the world market.  I’m also lucky to have collaborators and clients I love who work incredibly hard to get the job done whilst keeping a level head.

Under normal circumstances do you get to travel? If so what have been some of your favourite places you have visited?

George – That’s one of the many perks of this job, especially with our international client base. Personal highlights for me would be Amsterdam, Chicago, Los Angeles, Paris, but most recently Stockholm in the summer was just beautiful and I know we’re both really looking forward to visiting our clients in Iceland.

Rowena – my love of travelling, aside from film festivals and visiting clients is usually routed in the food and culture of the place, some favourites for me would be New York (where there is good food on every corner), Italy (where we will be shooting our first film), Sri Lanka, and closer to home, Cornwall… for the seafood!

What would you say have been the most exciting and most challenging aspects of running the company?

George – Well it’s exciting to run a business with one of your closest friends, it’s liberating to be doing it together under our own banner. Yes it’s hard work, of course, but we’re very lucky to have each other and the incredible support of Sara Curran of Tricycle Talent, our non-exec director and minority shareholder who’s a constant inspiration and has years of experience in the industry and that continues to be a huge support.

Rowena – Sara once said to me that starting a new business was a little like jumping out of a window and figuring out how to fly on the way down… that is sort of a perfect analogy for the joint feeling of total exhilaration and healthy fear that I felt in starting Peach House! Being able to shape a new entity and new ways of working with one of your dearest friends, who shares the same values as you, and who supports your shared vision, is such a privilege, and totally exciting. The challenges come in the same breath, as the company is new and fresh, and we are promoting a new way of working, reintroducing ourselves to the industry as Peach House. That in itself is a challenge and a hope to be accepted, and we have been so blessed to be well received and supported by our peers.

During this recent lockdown what have you been listening to, reading, and watching? Any recommendations?

George– A client bought me the Radclyffe Hall book ‘The Well of Loneliness’ which I loved, Also the Claire Lombardo book’ The Most Fun We Ever Had’. I’ve been listening to Elena Brower’s podcast which is truly enlightening. I loved Money Heist, Elite, Dark, The Rain all on Netflix and am obsessed with documentaries so we’ve been re-watching Louis Theroux and Michael Palin. I also have to recommend Time – The Kalief Browder Story, it’s not an easy watch but it’s an important story.

Rowena – terribly I haven’t dug into many books yet during lockdown as brilliantly clients have been delivering scripts left, right and centre so I’ve had a lot of scripts to read! I most recently read Nora Ephron’s Heartburn which is such a hilarious joy for any food lover, and naturally made me want to binge watch some classics ‘When Harry Met Sally’ and ‘You’ve Got Mail’ that are top of the rom com list. TV wise I’ve been powering through ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ which is a lockdown antidote if ever there was one, ’Sex Education’ on Netflix, ’Normal People’ on BBC3, ‘Feel Good’ on C4, I think you can sense a theme… love and happiness!

Finally, what is your tip of the day?

George –  Right now I would say, be kind to yourself and others, try and have a routine and a personal favourite is starting the day with a short meditation on either insight timer or the Calm app.

Rowena – I have to agree with George, be kind to yourself is most important, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t achieve all your goals that day, and listen to your body, if you need to rest, rest, if you need to run, run, and keep connected, talk to your loved ones and lastly – get a good scented candle on the go, that’s a Peach House prerequisite.

Interview by Claire & Alex Minnis

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