Nordic movies to discover now on BBC iPLAYER

We thought we would put together a list of Nordic movie gems that are hidden away in some of the streaming platforms we use here in the UK, starting with BBC iPlayer. It is worth noting that these slip on and slip off the platform without notice so best be quick!

AMUNDSEN (Norwegian)

Roald Amundsen is a historical figure and this movie sets out to follow his incredible quest to reach both the North and South poles. His obsession with the Polar regions come at a cost of course and this movie unfolds all the drama that he experiences both on his journeys and back at home. You’ll want to wrap up warm for this one – and perhaps add an extra sugar in your hot drink to keep you awake as it runs at a glacial pace.

I AM GRETA (Swedish)

This popular documentary follows Greta Thunberg as she begins her campaign to make the world take the global climate crisis seriously – taking on the world leaders via twitter and including the epic moment she crossed the Atlantic by boat to appear at one of the summits. Not too many layers are peeled back here – it is very much a human story that catches Greta as she started to take on the world.


Those of you familiar with Fredrik Backman’s books (Beartown, A Man Called Ove) will be delighted to a see another adaptation done. Clearly there is gold in those pages – this time round it is Britt-Marie Was Here being adapted and this sees the main character (Britt-Marie) walk out on a 40-year marriage and decide to take on coaching a young football team. As with all of Backman’s stories it is honest, emotive, and always delivered with a snappy dialogue.


This Oscar-nominated film is absolutely heart-breaking and pretty intense (just as a heads up if you are a bit stressed out). The movie focuses on a group of young German POWS who are given the task of mine sweeping the sand dunes of the Danish coast. You can already tell by the synopsis that things are not going to go well but what packs the emotional punch is the absolutely incredible cast of German youngsters and the direction by Danish director Martin Zandvliet. Also, hats off to Roland Moller player a pretty strict sergeant who is put in charge of the boys.


One of the great Thomas Vinterberg’s (Oscar and Bafta nominated Director for Another Round and The Hunt) earlier movies which sees a fantastic cast of recognisable faces decide to live all together in a commune during the 70s. It is literally a whose-who of stars including the likes of Trine Dyholm, Ulrich Thomsen, Lars Ranthe, and a feature debut for Magnus Millang (look out for our interview with the star next month)!

Have you spotted something hidden away or due to be released soon? Let us know!

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