Nordic News and Picks of the Month: OCTOBER

As we edge closer to the end of the year we take a look at what kept us entertained in October, along with some exciting Nordic news and what to expect next month.


Triangle of Sadness | Cinemas

It is hard to ignore Ruben Östlund’s Palme D’Or-winning satire on the super rich (and everyone else). After a great year, marred by the tragic loss of the film’s lead star, the film finally got its UK release this month so you can get the opportunity to see what all the fuss is about.

All we can truly say is that fans of Ruben’s previous work will be truly satisfied in this spiky (and sicky) observation.

Triangle of Sadness

TV Show

The Playlist | Netflix

Netflix’s Swedish series The Playlist, which tells a fictionalised drama of the creation and rise of Spotify, finally hit our screens in October and we felt it very much lived up to our expectation. The limited series has picked up some really positive responses here in the UK from the likes of NME and The Guardian – it seems the show is also picking up more and more interest too.

So if you haven’t caught this show yet then you should certainly should set aside some time for it – its 6 episodes are easy to binge, each one telling a story from a different character’s perspective.

We also got to speak to four of the series stars earlier in the month who discussed their roles and connection with Spotify – you can read that HERE.


The Moose Paradox by Antti Tuomainen

Fans of the excellent Antti Tuomainen will be delighted to hear that his sequel to The Rabbit Factor is released on hardback this month and we can confirm it is a fantastic read as we delve back into the chaotic world of Henri and his amusement park.

When we find him things are going pretty well, but it doesn’t take long before all-sorts of fresh new challenges come to test him to the absolute limits.

Nordic News

New TV series Estonia portrays tragic real events

Back in 1994 a tragic incident happened which saw a ferry crossing turn fatal when it sunk within 30 minutes with almost a 1000 passengers onboard. Despite the event still leaving many Swedes, Estonians, and Finnish a bit raw, there still to this day has not been any conclusive evidence as to what happened, a new TV series is being released depicting the event.

The series is going to focus on the facts rather than the conspiracy theories out of respect for those related to the ones they had lost in this tragedy.

These is no news yet on whether this will get a UK release but we will be keeping a close eye on this to find out more as and when more information is released.

Estonia (Photo Credit: Fisher King / Beta Films)

Thomas Vinterberg releases information on his new work

Director Thomas Vinterberg released some information on his new work, following on from his screenplay work on Another Round.

The series takes place during one summer when the country has to be evacuated after serious flooding. There are those that have the money to move to safer countries and then others who have to rely on a government funded programme.

From this event, a variety of storylines emerge following the characters through different challenges presented to them, and it is one huge cast to deliver these stories.

Including some big names such as Nikolaj Lie Kaas (Riders of Justice), David Dencik (The Chestnut Man, No Time to Die), Paprika Steen (The Celebration, Applause), Esben Smed (Follow the Money, A Fortunate Man), Asta August (Burn All My Letters, The Pact) and Amaryllis April August in her acting debut.

Amaryllis April August and Albert Rudbeck Lindhardt (Photo Credit: Per Arnesen)

New Tobias Lindholm film released on Netflix

Director Tobias Lindholm’s (Borgen, The Investigation) new film The Good Nurse is out now on Netflix and certainly worth a watch. Based on a chilling true story, this dark thriller follows a nurse in the US who is struggling with the demands of the job, being a single parent to two kids, and her own health issues.

When a new male nurse starts working with her, he brings friendship, fun, and a much needed extra pair of hands. When unexplained things start happening at the hospital though, focus turns on the new arrival and whether he is everything he appears to be.

What’s coming up in November

After a very busy couple of months things are beginning to quieten down a little bit – with not many releases expected in November.

  • Young Royals – Second Season on Netflix

The incredibly popular Young Royals returns for its second season on Netflix on the 1st November, with many of its fans giddy with excitement to see how the love story between Wilheim (Edvin Ryding) and Simon (Omar Rudberg) develops after all the events of season one.

Young Royals
  • The Kingdom finally arrives onto MUBI

Lars Von Trier’s The Kingdom will come to MUBI in November with the first season arriving on the 13th November, the second season on the 20th November, and then the brand new long awaited The Kingdom Exodus will arrive on the 27th November with episodes added each week.

This is incredibly exciting for Lars Von Trier fans – the series has been very difficult to get hold of, but now you will have access to the two previous seasons AND the brand new one. We have a vague memory of seeing the original series back in the 90s so it will be certainly great to revisit it.

The Kingdom returns!

  • Viaplay – a brand new streaming channel for the UK from Sweden

On the 1st November a brand new streaming channel called Viaplay will be available. Its focus is mainly on sport, but fans of Nordic television, film, and documentaries will be happy to hear that the streaming channel will also feature these too.

The current price for the streamer, without sport, is £3.99 which sounds like a bargain to us – only we just need to find out what exactly is on it! Rest assured that Nordic Watchlist is on the case and hopefully we’ll get some more information very soon.

Anders Jensen Viaplay CEO and Group President (Photo Credit: Peter Knutson)

And that’s our October round up! Watch out for November’s at the end of next month.

Feature by Alex Minnis